Be Creative With Your Job Title To Get Better Sales Results


Ad Sales: Your job title can help you stand out from the crowd!

Ad sales people–what is your job title? Don’t say, “Sales!” It’s bound to make some people yawn or possibly start avoiding you.

I came up with my Grand Poobah job title about 8 years ago. It ended up being one of my very best marketing ideas ever, and it cost nothing.

It all came about totally naturally. We were holding our very first Niche Media Conference. The theme was “bowlingsince we rented out a bowling alley for our welcome reception. When I think of bowling, I think of Fred Flintstone……. and then I think of the grand meeting of the Water Buffalos…….the one where they wore those crazy hats with horns in them. Sorry–that’s how my mind works. Yabba, Dabba Doo. [Read more…]

How to Get Ad Sales Prospects to Respond to Your Emails – Free Burritos!


Get creative in your email subject lines to your ad sales prospects and they will be hungry to respond to you!

So how can you get your prospects to respond to YOUR email when they are scanning through hundreds in their inbox every day? Sometimes the most basic themes resonate most with busy customers. Plus, you have to be creative and original in your approach to catch eyes.

By now almost everyone, (well at least those who have attended ad sales training at Camp Niche), knows the story of how Carl Landau of Niche Media offered free cats in the mail as a (very) successful ad sales approach. PETA probably wouldn’t appreciate that so much these days. 

Here’s an example of how you can use creativity and touch on basic needs to get prospects to respond to your ad sales emails:

I tried putting “Free Burritos” in the subject line of my email to prospects. Here’s how a typical exchange went: [Read more…]