Take Your Marketing & Advertising Partnerships to the Next Level!

So how valuable can marketing to your brand’s audience really be? Here’s a great answer to that question—an innovation that’s turning the traditional ad sales model on it’s head.


Expand the traditional scope of your brand’s partnerships.

From TechCrunch: San Francisco fashion start-up Cuyana is partnering with Real Simple magazine to create lines of clothing geared specifically for the magazine’s readers. It’s a new twist on sales and a win-win for both the publisher and the online-only clothing company.

Karla Gallardo, founder of Cuyana, put it this way: “On the production side, we innovated on the supply chain and we went direct to source. On the sales side, we’ve gone direct to consumer. And what we’re doing now is going direct to publisher. We’re reducing friction and reducing players in these industries,” she said. [Read more…]