8 Holiday Marketing Tips for Your Ad Clients


Give your ad clients the gift of your consultative-selling self this holiday season!

As the consummate magazine ad salesperson, you most likely had your holiday season advertising already buttoned up with your clients back  in September.

But if you put your consultant hat on, there’s no reason not to reach out to your advertising clients again to provide them with some holiday marketing suggestions:

8 Tips for boosting your clients’ holiday season sales (and yours): [Read more…]

Sponsored Content and Native Advertising Strategies for Niche Publishers


Defining what both sponsored content and native advertising means to your magazine and your readers is the key.

Sponsored content vs native advertising–what’s the big difference? They say that sponsored content is meant to be read, native advertising is meant to be shared, but are they really all that different?

No matter what you call it, niche magazine publishers are tackling this sticky subject and looking for new revenue opportunities while keeping readers #1. We all know the editorial dept and the sales dept feel very differently about the possibilities of sponsored content and native advertising, and there also has to be agreement on the guidelines that work best for your product for you to move forward. [Read more…]