Change is All Good at LA Parent: Reflecting on the Year

So much can change for a niche magazine in just a few months! We featured LA Parent and its new owners six months ago, and this month we checked back in with them to see what had changed and what they have in store for 2014.

2013 was a busy year for L.A. Parent, the premier resource for parents in the LA area. Since purchasing the business in Dec. 2012, Ron and Elena Epstein have focused on content and expanding social media, and plan to re-launch in January 2014. They also replaced their entire back-office systems with The Magazine Manager in February 2013.LAP1311

Publisher Ron Epstein reflected on the year since we had spotlighted his company in June. [Read more…]

How Publishers Can Maximize Value from a Sales CRM Solution


Where does CRM fit into your business strategy? Here’s some tips on finding the right fit for your niche magazine.

For many niche publications, the prospect of implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform to manage sales activities has about the same appeal as dental surgery. You know you should probably do it, and you know you will feel so much better after, but that part in the middle just seems so awful.

Here are some of the most common objections to using a CRM database (sound familiar?):

 “We have a small number of reps and advertisers so we’ll just stick to using a spreadsheet.”

“The cost of licensing and training our staff how to use it is too expensive.”

“I don’t need another complex piece of software that no one ends up using.”

The above are valid concerns for sure, but it doesn’t have to be that way if you do your homework and pick a platform that works for you, your staff, and your budget. In a media world where sales reps and advertising partners are constantly changing, a CRM database serves as a digital archive of your communication with one another providing key customer insights to a sales rep assuming a new territory or client list. [Read more…]

L.A. Parent’s Training Wheels Come Off

June 2013 LAParent CoverIn the Los Angeles area, L.A. Parent is all things family. From what to do on weekends to raising children with special needs, L.A. Parent provides families with educational and entertaining content. The award-winning publication recently found itself under new management and in need of an integrated CRM software solution to grow with it.

When Ron Epstein purchased the company in December 2012, he was already familiar with The Magazine Manager® from a former publishing role. He needed to lead their magazine, digital edition and National Parenting Publication Awards into the 21st century. What sealed the deal was The Magazine Manager’s integration with QuickBooks for invoicing. [Read more…]