Success Story: PMQ’s Pizza Magazine becomes first Godengo+Texterity publisher to use full digital, web, and app suite

Pizza Magazine  has seen considerable success as the leading source of information for the pizza industry. Their print magazine is read by 40,000 pizza business owners, they have 15,000 unique monthly web visitors and 13,000 weekly newsletter subscribers, reaching 100 countries.

Publisher Steve Green appreciates the value of cross-platform publishing. “Every media channel has its own constituency,” he acknowledges, “and our goal is to reach all the community in their preferred way.” His community is large and diverse. “The average owner has two stores, but there are about 500 pizza entities that have at least 4 stores. Pizza Hut has over 12,000 stores,” he explains.

Green already knew Texterity, but when he heard about the merger with Godengo, he envisioned a one-stop Total Solution that would integrate his content, facilitate reader feedback, and incorporate his videos from Pizza TV.

Now his new digital edition is live  and his app is in production. They’ll transition to a Rivista™ CMS website in August. “We have a good site now but can’t keep up with the demands, and everything has to funnel through our webmaster. Now we’ll be able to decentralize that activity.” The Rivista™ CMS is modular and fully accessible.

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Success Story: PMQ’s Pizza Magazine becomes first Godengo+Texterity Publisher to Use Full Digital, Web, and App Suite

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