Advertisers Don’t Want to be Advertisers Anymore!


Don’t throw your arms in the air. You can sell to those very same advertisers who are telling you “No!” Carl tells us how.

Seriously, advertisers don’t want to be “advertisers” anymore. That means ad sales people are finding that selling an ad page is very difficult. Add banners to the list of undesirable products, too. So, what do you do?

Here’s the situation: Buying ad sales is out. Buying booth spaces is so yesterday. But buying custom sponsorships is in, baby!!! Just give them what they want and make more money. Not such a bad deal if you play your cards right.

My point: This is the very same advertiser who is turning you down for the traditional buy, so you better figure out how to give them what they want.

Why are they doing this to ad sales reps? [Read more…]