Ad Sales: Data-Driven Selling for Success!


Your big data can puzzle your advertisers. Help them gain the insight they need!

Happy New Year! Time to get back at it…….

So there’s lots of blather-buzz lately about giant media companies using Big Data and “the media-buying capabilities of the DPM” and Programmatics. Competing, dizzying definitions make it all even more confusing.

What do you need to know about all that as a niche magazine ad salesperson?

You need to know that when you get right down to it, the key is to gather really good insight from your customer data and share that information with your advertisers so they can make better buying decisions.

Here are 5 quick tips to get you going:

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Digital Ad Sales: How Do You Address Traffic Fraud?


Work with your advertisers head on to deal with this web thief…….traffic fraud.

Is it 25%? A third? Up to 50%? How many are out there? The scary thing is that almost everyone knows it’s happening more and more, but they are afraid to do anything. Are we talking about some crazy robot invasion? Sort of.

What we’re really talking about is phony online traffic. You know, the click frauds, the cheats, those sneaky robots that impersonate human buying behavior. For publishers, those fakers can greatly undermine the usefulness of their online analytics. For advertisers, it can cause really poor buying decisions.

We think sticking our media advertising heads in the sand about a growing digital media issue affecting everyone is……..not the way to go. As media ad sales professionals, how do you tackle this sticky subject with your advertisers? [Read more…]