The REAL reason your digital magazine readers don’t want a digital replica edition!


Online media expert Ed Coburn explains why niche publishers should re-think digital replica editions.

I love technology! I hate technology! I love technology! I hate technology!   

This was my inner dialog recently, as I was ready to throw my iPhone against the wall while reading a blurry page of The New Yorker. Now, if you’re not at the age of, eh, eye discrepancy yet, take a moment to imagine how your parents feel. Or your grandparents, if you’re still lucky enough to have them around.

Place yourself in their shoes: you are at the age where you’re kind of set in your ways, yet haven’t completely lost the will to progress through this wonderful (yet frustrating) age of technological advancement. And those that have seen their parents read a digital replica edition of their favorite magazine on a tablet—time and again—find them zooming in on the page, and then manically swiping the page up and down and left and right to make it through a single sentence. It is hard enough that some pages are simply fuzzy, but it is even worse when you are losing your eyesight.

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Thinking Digital? REALTOR® Magazine to Offer “Digital Only” Subscription Option

Thinking about offering your magazine’s readers a digital-only option, but not sure if you should? REALTOR® Magazine is taking the leap – here’s how and why they chose to do it now: Realtor COVER Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 2.55.56 PM copy

REALTOR® Magazine, published by the National Association of REALTORS®, serves as “the business tool for real estate professionals.” This month the magazine will launch a “Digital Only” option for readers who don’t want print.

“Our goal is to find the sweet spot where we save money on printing and postage without eroding our advertising revenue,” says Stacey Moncrieff, vice president, Business-to-Business Communications.

REALTOR® Magazine didn’t rush to go digital. The magazine’s editors already produce a robust website. Even zoomable, linkable text and the ability to embed videos didn’t convince them that digital editions were user-friendly enough, Moncrieff says. It wasn’t until fall 2012 that REALTOR® Magazine added a digital edition. [Read more…]

Improve ROI with Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing has grabbed the spotlight. Not convinced? How does jumping on the mobile marketing bandwagon improve your profits?  Facebook‘s Mark Zuckerberg knows how. Check out their latest remarkable  Jan 2013 stats.

And here’s more numbers to chew on:

  • The number of US mobile coupon users will rise from 12.3 million in 2010 to 53.2 million in 2014, driven by the rapid adoption of smartphones. (Source: eMarketer, 2013)
  • Retailers’ apps take up the most of consumers’ time at 27%, followed by online marketplace at 20%, purchase assistance at 17%, price comparison at 14%, and daily deals at 13%. (Source: AdMedia Partners, 2013)
  • Consumers spent six times as much time in retailers’ apps in December compared to a year earlier. (Source: Flurry, 2013)

Expand your audience with mobile marketing strategies that work.

Maybe you have already determined that you need to make sure mobile marketing fits within the overall business strategy for your niche publication. From apps to mobile only content to mobile ads, it is important to understand how mobile can translate into long-term sales success. Regan Fletcher, VP of Business Development at News360  and one of our esteemed Niche Digital Conference speakers in 2012, has consulted with niche publishers about their mobile marketing strategies–how to create one from scratch, why their existing strategy is not working, how to improve ROI, etc.

“First and foremost, think about a more significant percentage of mobile’s contribution to your overall revenue,” he advises. “The key paths to free monetization are by creating mobile ads and apps. You can and should offer subscription incentives, sponsorships, segment and event apps.” And once your mobile marketing program is a well, fine-tuned machine, make sure you spend some time promoting those cool new apps.

Addition: to see how important mobile apps can be in monetizing your magazine, consider the case of The Magazine (that really is its name!) – 25,000 subscribers, authors are paid, and no advertising, but it still turns a profit just off of the $1.99 app store download for each issue!

How has YOUR niche magazine learned to get the most bang for buck with mobile marketing programs?  Tell us and the niche magazine world on Facebook or Twitter.


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Success Story: PMQ’s Pizza Magazine becomes first Godengo+Texterity publisher to use full digital, web, and app suite

Pizza Magazine  has seen considerable success as the leading source of information for the pizza industry. Their print magazine is read by 40,000 pizza business owners, they have 15,000 unique monthly web visitors and 13,000 weekly newsletter subscribers, reaching 100 countries.

Publisher Steve Green appreciates the value of cross-platform publishing. “Every media channel has its own constituency,” he acknowledges, “and our goal is to reach all the community in their preferred way.” His community is large and diverse. “The average owner has two stores, but there are about 500 pizza entities that have at least 4 stores. Pizza Hut has over 12,000 stores,” he explains.

Green already knew Texterity, but when he heard about the merger with Godengo, he envisioned a one-stop Total Solution that would integrate his content, facilitate reader feedback, and incorporate his videos from Pizza TV.

Now his new digital edition is live  and his app is in production. They’ll transition to a Rivista™ CMS website in August. “We have a good site now but can’t keep up with the demands, and everything has to funnel through our webmaster. Now we’ll be able to decentralize that activity.” The Rivista™ CMS is modular and fully accessible.

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