Digital Redesign: The Multi-Platform Niche Magazine Mandate


Digital re-design must be an ongoing process for niche magazine publishers in order to thrive and grow.

We recently served on a niche magazine judging panel and were surprised by some of the entries. Why? Because the entrants submitted their digital version for an award. Yet their desktop, tablet and mobile versions (if they had one) were woefully behind the times. Designs were flat, navigation was confusing and slow at best, the reader experience was a yawner. Um, they didn’t win.

If your niche magazine is not serving your readers on multi-platforms you are losing new and existing readership and leaving money on the table. [Read more…]

Niche Digital Publishing: MORE 2015 Industry News!


Here’s more hot industry news for niche media publishers!

One of the advantages of publishing a blog for our readers is that we can scour the web for “everything niche media” and round it all up for you.

Last month we told you the good news– how the Association of Magazine Media (MPA) reports a 10.1% increase year-over-year in magazine readership from August 2014-January 2015, and that the buzz is all about new growth through new platforms like podcasts, live events and niche-ing your niche.  Niche Media Publishing: Hot 2015 Industry News!

Well there’s MORE good news in 2015. Check it out: [Read more…]

View This! Content and Advertising Go Mobile (or Get Lost)


Word up: It’s all about HOW WELL your audience can read and engage with your content and advertising.

Show me the Viewability! That’s what every digital niche publisher (and every one of their advertisers) is talking about. Remember last year’s “native advertising” buzz?

This year it’s all about how well your content and advertising is viewed on mobile devices.  Here are 3 great posts from Ad Age on the topic to get you up to speed.

Some highlights: [Read more…]

Be Inherently Useful to Your Readers! (Interview with Jay Baer) has changed marketing and business in a fundamental way. As companies become content creators themselves and social media becomes an ever more powerful medium, publishers face more and more competition for readers’ attention. How can niche magazines make their stories (and their revenues) bigger and become an indispensable part of their readers’ lives?

Social Media & Content Marketing Strategist & Niche Digital Conference keynote speaker Jay Baer thinks he knows the wave of the future for niche publishers – becoming truly and inherently useful to your audience. This means helping your audience, even if it isn’t a topic strictly along your traditional path. Publishers need to re-imaging their role to find new ways to be involved in people’s lives. Mobile apps are just one way to become massively relevant, but there are many ways to reach out to new users, strengthen ties to existing readers, and build brand awareness and revenues. [Read more…]