Niche in the News: March 2016


Da buzz in the niche media universe. New rules from IAB, industry shifts, success stories and more!

Here’s the latest news on what’s happening in the niche media publishing universe. It’ll only take a few minutes to seem very smart and up-to-date to your peers, maybe even your dog. Your cat will never be impressed, sorry.

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Take that! New rules
Organization punches out 6 new tactics. From Advertising Age: IAB creates policy for publishers to combat ad blocking [Read more…]

Niche Media Digital Update: The Big Shift


Digital media update: Here’s the latest on all things new (and new again).

It was 1976 and everyone said it was a decade like no other. Apple was born, Nadia Comanici scored a perfect 10, the Viking 1 landed on Mars and movie fans cheered for Rocky. The Grammy went to “Send in the Clowns,” (which comes dangerously close to our current Presidential primaries.)

And now it’s 40 years later. Yet again we have a defining age and a new Rocky movie. As the evolution of digital media transforms traditional publishing models, all aspects of the business will have to change with it. Here’s a look at the latest buzz on what the future looks like: [Read more…]

Niche Media News Flash: It’s All About Transformation!


What’s on your niche media horizon? Publishers are trying to stay ahead of what’s coming next in the shapeshifting media landscape.

According to Wikipedia, in the mythical world shapeshifting is a metamorphosis, the ability of an entity to physically transform into another form. In the real world, our media landscape is definitely shapeshifting–and fast!

Publishers are trying to stay ahead of all the changes and be proactive to what’s coming next. [Read more…]

Magazine of the Month: CHARLIE – Moving from Digital-Only to Digital and Specialty Print In Style

Each month Niche Media recognizes a niche magazine that really stands out. This month’s pick: CHARLIE – a regional magazine and website for Charleston, SC. Cover_lowRes

How do you recognize a really great regional magazine? When members of Team Niche have been in Charleston, locals mentioned and referenced it all the time. All. The. Time. It was obvious that its target audience reads it cover-to-cover – either in print or online – and finds it valuable enough to share. We’re in California and we fought over a promotional copy when it came though the office. What makes it more amazing is that it started as a digital-only publication and later added print.

Caroline Nuttall, CHARLIE’s Publisher, tells us in her own words what makes CHARLIE special and how it made the jump from pixels to print:

“I started CHARLIE as an online-only magazine four years ago in the height of the recession. The focus was on building a strong brand through fiercely unique content and high engagement with a quality, hyper-local audience. Since then, we’ve launched several extension platforms including emails, a social calendar, a CLUB, a social buying model, and events. Our biggest extension platform came last year when we launched two special issue print editions.”

“I wanted to evolve the print model. I have tons of unread magazines stacked up around my house and I’m in the magazine business, for heaven’s sake! How do you create intense demand and consumption around a traditional model in an overly-crowded market? The answer: high-end, long shelf-life, collectible special issues. No re-purposed content between web and print. Limited runs to drive urgency.”

“The result? CHARLIE’s first-ever magazine, 50 Most Progressive, was profitable. Three hundred issues flew off shelves in 24 hour periods, 10,000 were gone in 2 weeks, hundreds of locals ordered them online for $10 a copy (they were free locally) just to ensure they got theirs. Our second magazine, The 2012 Book, was up 56% in advertising and saw a 208% profit increase. Wider brand recognition of CHARLIE, 700% increase in web traffic, happy readers and happy advertisers. We are launching four books this year.”

“It’s not digital that’s the future. It’s an evolved model of the new and the old.”


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