Niche Media Digital Update: The Big Shift


Digital media update: Here’s the latest on all things new (and new again).

It was 1976 and everyone said it was a decade like no other. Apple was born, Nadia Comanici scored a perfect 10, the Viking 1 landed on Mars and movie fans cheered for Rocky. The Grammy went to “Send in the Clowns,” (which comes dangerously close to our current Presidential primaries.)

And now it’s 40 years later. Yet again we have a defining age and a new Rocky movie. As the evolution of digital media transforms traditional publishing models, all aspects of the business will have to change with it. Here’s a look at the latest buzz on what the future looks like: [Read more…]

2016 Predictions for Niche Magazines: Are You Ready?


No doubt about it: 2016 will be a transformative year in print and digital niche media. Are you ready?

Happy New Year! We’ve sifted through all the 2016 Prediction Lists to share what is most relevant to niche publishers. Frequent assertions about the urgent need for “transformation” strategies (and the budgets to go with them) aside, here are some thoughtful insights from CEOs and media experts about what they think is coming in 2016: [Read more…]

Helpful Links for Publishers You’ll Want to Check Out!


This niche publisher is taking the time to learn something new….and he’s really happy about it!

This post is just gonna be a good resource for you today. Our aim is to help niche publishers rev up for 2015!

Learn up:  Free, fun, informative and thought-provoking 30-minute webinar from Knowledge Marketing. It’s tomorrow and it’s not too late to sign up! Publishing’s Best Ideas and Biggest Bloopers from 2014

Embrace mobility: From Ad Age, download their latest report on Cross-Device Advertising  (How to Navigate Mobile Marketing’s Next Big Opportunity) [Read more…]

What’s New in the Digital Publishing (and Reading) Space?


Readers are now viewing magazines in many ways.

What’s new with digital readers is more like it. We live in a multi-media, multi-screen world now—literally right at our fingertips all the time. (Or your wrist soon, when Apple and the others release their new smart watches.)

Knowing how and when our readers are actually reading our magazines and what they kind of reading experience they want is key.

The days of traditional TV viewing, for example, has dramatically changed. How? More and more people are using their tablets to surf websites (including magazine sites), while playing app games and texting their friends on their nearby smart phones—AND all while watching TV. Plus the television is a smart TV that can connect to your computer. Have we come full circle yet?

Nielsen’s new 2014 Digital Consumer Report on what people are doing now in the digital space is an informative must-read. [Read more…]