A Page Out of Our Yearbook: Email Marketing Subject Line Tips

Email marketing is an integral part of your niche publication’s content marketing strategy. Having well put together e-newsletters and emails is important in order to make sure they catch the attention of the reader. Part of being attractive to your audience members is creating great subject lines. Take a look at some tips for email marketing subject lines:

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Check out some tips for creating great email subject lines.

  • Length: The length of your subject line is very important and should be taken into consideration. It is best to keep your email subject lines between 45 to 60 characters in order to avoid it being cut off by browsers. You should try to be as descriptive as you can within this character limit to avoid readers trying to figure out the purpose of the email.
  • Punctuation and symbols: Using symbols and punctuation in your email subject lines is also a good way to attract attention. For instance, instead of using the word “and” use the ‘+” sign to draw attention to the email and make it stand out among others.
  • Numbers: In addition to using symbols in your email subject lines, you should also use numbers to catch attention and generate interest. Numbers are short, to the point and let readers know right away what they can expect for the email.
Having good subject lines for your email marketing is crucial in order to see success. Email marketing is also very important in generating readers for your niche magazine.




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How to Connect with Your e-Newsletter Readers

By Melanie Kirin, e-Newsletter World Conference Director

Are you making the most of your e-newsletters? 69% of studied e-Newsletter readers said that they look forward to receiving at least one e-newsletter, and most readers said an e-newsletter had become a part of their routine [NN/G Email Newsletter Usability Study].  More than websites, social media, and traditional media, e-newsletters create a bond between the sender and the recipient. How can you impassion your readers and future readers? Make it, and keep it, about the users. Here are four ways to do just that.

Phone-friendly design guidelines

1.  User Generated Content:  Read blog posts, such as industry blog sites, and the associated reader responses to find compelling content for your e-newsletters.  Joe Pulizzi gives all the pros and cons here.

2.  User friendly subscribing and unsubscribing:  Don’t hide the unsubscribe link.  If some readers don’t want your content, let them go. This will give you more accurate data regarding your readership, and you won’t be wasting time, money, and effort reaching out to people who aren’t interested.

3.  User designed content and structure for mobile readership:  Many e-newsletters are scanned on mobile devices during ‘down times’, so ensure the design of your message is developed for mobile scanability. Next month we will take a detailed look at mobile design and talk details.  This graphic from Mass Transmit has the basic guidelines to get you started.

4.  User defined length and frequency: How long and how frequent?  If it is all about your readers, ask them.  Then deliver, test, and refine. Create usability groups, segment your content by user group, and continue to test the outcomes of your efforts.

Have a technique that has worked well for you and your market? Talk about your  successes and join the conversation @ LinkedIn.


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