The REAL reason your digital magazine readers don’t want a digital replica edition!


Online media expert Ed Coburn explains why niche publishers should re-think digital replica editions.

I love technology! I hate technology! I love technology! I hate technology!   

This was my inner dialog recently, as I was ready to throw my iPhone against the wall while reading a blurry page of The New Yorker. Now, if you’re not at the age of, eh, eye discrepancy yet, take a moment to imagine how your parents feel. Or your grandparents, if you’re still lucky enough to have them around.

Place yourself in their shoes: you are at the age where you’re kind of set in your ways, yet haven’t completely lost the will to progress through this wonderful (yet frustrating) age of technological advancement. And those that have seen their parents read a digital replica edition of their favorite magazine on a tablet—time and again—find them zooming in on the page, and then manically swiping the page up and down and left and right to make it through a single sentence. It is hard enough that some pages are simply fuzzy, but it is even worse when you are losing your eyesight.

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How to Start an Online Magazine From Scratch


Mequoda Group’s Ed Coburn shares sound advice on starting a new online magazine.

If you’re launching an online magazine from scratch, there are 3 steps to successfully branch into the world of online magazine publishing. You’ll soon discover that the planning required to start an online magazine is not much different than the planning required to start a print magazine.

Let’s begin by defining an online magazine. An online magazine is a web-friendly version of your magazine. It’s in HTML, it works like a website and it has a topic-based archive in addition to an issue-based archive. And while our research indicates that only 15-20% of users place a high value on being able to access content by topic in addition to accessing it by issue, those who do wish to access the content by topic value this feature very highly.

One question we often get asked is: If you’re a from-scratch start up, how many back issues do you need to launch with in order to have a viable archive? We believe the ideal scenario is to have 12 months worth of issues available in your archive. But if budgets are tight, you may decide to launch with as little as 3-6 months of back issues and allow the benefits of the archive to grow over time.

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Ad Sales Tips from the Experts: Are you a Sales Introvert or an Extrovert?


Here are some expert tips for introverts and extroverts….working together for a winning sales team!

Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert? This can make a BIG difference in how you handle being part of an A-Sales team.

Experts Don Nichols and Ed Coburn gave an excellent presentation at this year’s Niche Digital Conference about various types of people that make up super sales teams. It’s all about learning ways to be effective and successful within a team environment.

Here are some of their quick tips on how to be your best in a top sales team environment:

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Use Customer Workflow Integration to Make Your Magazine Indispensable to Readers! (Ed Coburn Interview)

Interview with Niche Digital Conference keynote speaker Ed Coburn on Customer Workflow Integration for niche magazines

Interview with Niche Digital Conference keynote speaker Ed Coburn on Customer Workflow Integration for niche magazines

As a niche magazine publisher, is there a way you can become absolutely indispensable to your readers? A way to become an automatic and permanent part of their lives? Ed Coburn, Publishing Director of Harvard Health Publications, thinks he has the answer: customer workflow integration. It’s an idea that can transform your relationship with your readers. So what the heck is it?

Have your content available to readers where and when it is relevant to what they are doing. It is content in context information when people need it where they need it. Dont’ let “workflow” fool you – this isn’t just for B2B publications. Across the board people are less willing to take time our of what they are doing in their work day or recreation time to research something on a particular topic. [Read more…]

Niche Digital Conference – 2013 Speakers and Sessions Revealed!

Niche Digital Conference

We want to see you at the 2013 Niche Digital Conference in Nashville, October 1-2! We’ve just released all the new sessions and speakers.

If you think you just don’t have the time, can’t get away from the day-to-day responsibilities of publishing, that you can put this whole digital thing off for another year—think again. You have to make the time to get out of your office (I know it can sound impossible!) and surround yourself with your niche magazine & media company peers to take your media properties to the next level. Online, mobile, tablet, content marketing and social media & video are growing…the successful magazine of tomorrow will be the ones who create successful digital strategies today. (Plus, if you register TODAY – March 28 – you can save up to $600 with Mega March discount pricing. Don’t miss this amazing deal!)

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