Lights, Camera, Branding! Editors + Video = Sales Supercharger!

For many brands – if not all, then most – your editor serves as more than the content creator of the publication. Just as importantly, he/she also serves as the “human incarnation” of your brand. Take a trade show for instance…do you go to a show and leave your editor behind, riding a desk at the home office? Hope not! As my son would say, “That’s a trip to crazy-town.”


Ad sales: Great Video + Your Editor = Successful brand image

As an editor circulates in a market, they leave a trail of spinning “brand” impressions on the audience they interact with. The brand becomes more than just the site, magazine, event.

Everyone loooooves a meeting with editors – from customers and readers to analysts. Want proof? Have an editor go with a sales rep on a sales trip and see how many more appointments they get if the client knows Mr. Big is along for the ride.

So as a sales rep, how can you magnify your editors’ industry face time – properly? 

With video. Video is the niche market’s killer app…not only does it drive higher time-onsite, but encourages interactivity with the brand and is eminently viral-capable.

But video has to be done well. A dimly-lit, poorly-shot video on a crowded trade show floor with an editor who doesn’t have a good social skill-set can also lead to a poor perception of your brand. I’ve produced a few donkeys in the day and looking back would love to have had the chance to do it right.

Here are my 6 top tips for you to execute great editor video: (An easy way to remember it: “FLAASH.”) [Read more…]