Grand Poobah Carl’s Top 10 Tips for Successful Event Management!

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Successful event management is key to expanding your magazine’s revenue streams. Here’s Carl’s Top 10 Tips.

Events are one of the best ways for niche magazines to increase brand awareness and reach new audiences. It can also be a highly profitable additional revenue stream for publishers…if they do it right and watch the costs. (Ever pay $80 per gallon for luke-warm hotel coffee?)

Carl Landau, Niche Media’s Grand Poobah,  has been creating events for over a decade and recently celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the Niche Media Conference in Austin.

Here are his top ten tips for successful event management:

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Speaker PowerPoint Presentations……Ptooie! Better Events Start with Interaction


PowerPoint presentations can be real snoozers. Check out what we learned at the NMC in Charleston.

Before an event, I have started to dread the onset of the PowerPoint presentations. Sometimes they can be predictable and not very engaging and make you want to zzzzzzz………

Well we just returned from our Niche Media Conference in Charleston. We had our best keynote presentation ever! Bryan Welch, CEO of Ogden Publications Inc., was not about to do anything expected.

As a special favor to me, he did show 3 charts that were on the screen for a couple of minutes and then, for the rest of the presentation, he showed slides of his farm animals. Yep, you read that right—random farm animals. [Read more…]

Planning a Niche Event in 2014? You Need To Go Visit the Site!

If your niche magazine is planning an event, in-person prep-time is the key to success.  Yes, you can do loads of research online and if it’s a local or regional event, perhaps you’ve already been there a bunch. But venue management can change and change often.


Think you are too busy to do onsite venue visits before your niche event? Guess again. It’s worth the effort!

If you want to ensure your niche event goes off without a hitch, you actually need to go visit the site. Sure it takes time, but choosing the right venue for your niche event is critical for it being successful.

The key to an effective site visit is advance organization. Whether your event is regional or national, the Convention & Visitors Bureau is a good resource. I put on events throughout the U.S., so I usually visit 4-6 venues in a day when planning a particular event. That requires more than a little help.

I’ve been working with Laura Little at HelmsBriscoe for over 8 years. Laura organizes all the hotels we use and negotiates everything for us–which eliminates the hassle of us having to negotiate every little detail.

I also bring the conference space layouts, sample menus and anything else the hotel or conference center has sent me in advance. Often you will meet with a brand new sales rep who may not have all the current information. Having the info with me often saves time for both of us.

Here’s some helpful tips for onsite visits: [Read more…]