Publisher Events: New stuff to check out!


What’s on YOUR niche event horizon?

Thinking of starting a new event or want to improve revenues on an existing one? Niche publishers are usually so busy organizing, planning and managing their own events (in addition to daily managing their publications) that there isn’t near enough time to check out all the new, improved event models out there.

We asked Sean Guerre, Partner at Stone Fort Group to share some insights on new opportunities for publishers: [Read more…]

3 Quick Tips for Expanding Your Niche Event


Thinking about expanding your niche event? Here’s 3 quick tips to keep in mind from Bill Thompson III.

Last week co-publisher Bill Thompson III of Bird Watcher’s Digest shared his insights on how to better survey (and ultimately serve) your reader audience: Savvy Survey Insights.

So are you thinking about expanding your live niche event? Bird Watcher’s Digest has a highly successful line up of big events with thousands of attendees, including a global expo. In part 2 of his interview, we asked him to share some advice on expanding niche event(s). [Read more…]

How to Create Great Networking Opportunities at Niche Events


Take time to re-imagine networking opportunities at your events so attendees are fully engaged, not falling asleep!

Are opportunities for attendee-networking a priority at your events? They should be.

You have to provide fun networking opportunities for your attendees and sponsors. It’s always rewarding for them to get to talk niche-speak with their fellow peeps.

Plus, their friends and family are tired of hearing them talk about their job and other event attendees love to talk about it.

I received a very enthusiastic response to my session at the SISO conference this year, Event Networking Mania.”

The point I made was that as a niche event organizer, you spend SO much time planning great sessions, finding the very best speakers, selling tons of sponsorships, etc.

But how much time do you actually spend creating meaningful networking opportunities for your attendees and sponsors/vendors at your event? [Read more…]

How to Handle the Unexpected and Weird at Your Niche Magazine’s Events

Now that is a packed room! Stay cool and you can handle the unexpected – like an extra 130 attendees!

Live events are a steadily increasing revenue stream for niche magazine publishers. Our niche publishing audience tell us that about 75% of the niche magazines out there now are now creating events as part as their overall revenue strategy. As many of you know, it’s not unusual to have some quirky or unexpected situation happen at a live event. How do you handle the weird and unexpected at your events, especially first-time events?

I thought I would share with you my post about just that topic from my event blog.

Happy Reading! [Read more…]

Introducing Niche Event Nation!


Like most people in the event business—I got here by accident. I was a niche magazine publisher for many years. I started out with magazines in the microcomputer programming industry and then went on to hobby magazines about homebrewing beer, winemaking, and craft brewing. Naturally it made sense to start events that integrated with our magazines as we already had a built-in audience.

To give you an idea of how long I’ve been at it: Bill Gates was the keynote of our first computer conference. It took a 5 minute call to him (yes, this is before the Internet when people actually communicated in person) and he said “Fine.” No big deal. Although I’ve sold all 5 of the magazines I’d started and have been exclusively in the event business the past 12 years, I still absolutely love it! We now exclusively put on events for niche magazine publishers.

I’m starting a new blog, Niche Event Nation, to help others in the event business. Maybe you can learn from my successes, challenges, and mistakes? Stay tuned for my upcoming posts about crazy event marketing ideas, pricing strategies, media partnerships, video promotions, and a ton more! You can always ask me questions on  Facebook or Twitter.  Or you can ask me in person at the upcoming Niche Magazine Conference and Niche Event Workshop in Tempe, AZ on Feb 11-13.

Niche Media has created super niched-out events specifically for magazine publishers for over 12 years. We’ve helped pave the way for the era of boutique events that connect specific audiences and provide great educational, friendly and super-fun environments!

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