Creating New Revenue Streams with Events: Carl’s Quick Tips for Starting Off Right!


Thinking about a new event or growing an existing one? Read Carl’s quick tips to keep you on track to success!

So it’s a new year and your magazine is strategizing about new revenue streams and ways to deepen the bond with your devoted niche audience. Are you thinking about starting a new event or growing an existing event?

Here are my 5 quick tips on how to start off your event on the right track to revenue:

  1. Always, always pre-plan:  You always need to have more and better communication in the pre-event stages. Why? How you communicate before the event will make a BIG difference in the success of your event, as it’s all about keeping your speakers, sponsors and staff in the loop. Plus the only way you can have your speakers and sponsors help you, promote your event, and feel they are a part of the event “team” is to keep them involved in the PRE-planning processes. Read more: 3 keys for pre-event planning [Read more…]

Planning Your Niche Events: Does This Contract Make My Budget Look Fat?


Jeff Bruss of COLE Publishing shares his tips on planning and budgets for niche events.

Planning and budgeting for a niche event is THE critical first step of the whole process. Jeff Bruss, event expert and President of COLE Publishing, spoke last week on this very topic at Niche EventFest, a conference all about organizing niche events.

If you are thinking about putting on your first event or starting a new one, here are some quick tips from Jeff. [Read more…]