Magazine of the Month: How to Be a Redhead Rocks a Natural Born Niche

redhead_logo_tm.2Each month we feature a niche magazine or media company that is especially creative in reaching its niche audience (and is just all-around awesome). This month’s pick: How to be a Redhead! This amazing resource for redheads has it all, from REDTV “reditorial” videos  and Red Diaries for redheads to share what it means to be rocking the red to skin and hair products and fashion tips just for redheads. Now they are even branching out with live events!

Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti are sisters, best friends, natural-born redheads and Founders of How to be a Redhead. Together they are painting the world red! Founded in January 2011, How to be a Redhead is empowering every redhead woman to feel confident, to look amazing and to rock their beauty. Red hair is more than a color, it’s a lifestyle! [Read more…]

Dairy Foods Magazine Kicks Up Branding and Revenue with Contests

May cover

Jim Carper of Dairy Foods magazine tells us how they increased reader engagement, brand awareness and revenue with a successful contest program.

This is a part of Niche Media HQ’s Summer of Niche Magazines. We’ll be featuring niche magazines and their great ideas all summer long!

Who: Jim Carper, Editor in Chief

B2B Publication:  Dairy Foods Magazine

Great Idea: Create a contest program to expand your brand and ramp up revenue.

In Jim’s own words:

“We developed a “best new dairy products of the year” contest that drove traffic to the website, bumped up social media activity and even inspired one contestant to create a contest of their own.”

“How did we do it? The editors selected 25 great new dairy products introduced in 2012. We selected 10 as the Editors’ Choice. We also invited visitors to vote for their favorites among all 25 nominees, including a People’s Choice category.” [Read more…]

Carl’s Niche Event Marketing Rules: Authentic + Fun + Creative = Success!

I’ve created and promoted a lot of events, and I get emails like the one below 3-4 times a year about my “too clever” marketing messages:

“I applaud your efforts to differentiate yourself via the light-hearted marketing approach to your events – we all like to have fun. But as a b-to-b publisher, I find it difficult to take your approach seriously. The cartoonish approach, to me, undermines what looks to be some solid content. I personally would welcome the day when Niche Media takes a more serious-minded approach to promoting and positioning its events. Then I might actually attend one!”

-A Midwest-based editorial director for a large, b2b publisher

Carl "Batman" Landau

Is event superhero Carl “Batman” Landau crazy or just misunderstood?

That he even wrote back to me is totally awesome: him reading my email and taking action proves my point. Step in to my super-secret Niche bat cave and I’ll share the solid reasons behind my “unprofessional” or “too light-hearted” (and very successful!) marketing approach:

1. Your content and marketing style has to be genuine and authentic. This “goofy”, enthusiastic and fun-loving approach at Niche Media HQ is who I am and makes hard work fun! Amazingly, in the last 25 years of being a successful entrepreneur I have learned that the more I love what I do and the more fun I have doing it, the more money I make. But the money part is truly secondary.

2. Our events are “niche”, so we work to appeal to our target market. We are not trying to appeal to the publishing masses (Batman Carl has no plans for world domination). Our target attendee − a forward-thinking, super-creative publisher − is interested, engaged, and willing to take a chance, so to attract them, there can be nothing staid and boring about our events. Just ask our attendees! Most Niche Magazine Conference attendees are either entrepreneurs or work for corporations that think outside the box. They want to put themselves out there, make new face-to-face connections, and find new tools for their publishing utility belts.

3. Don’t equate “non-creative” with “professional”. I go to tons of conferences where the boring, yawn-inducing promotional emails and brochures are just the like boring, yawn-inducing conference events and speakers. Everyone there is wearing a blue sport coat and khaki pants and they are super polite to each other. But no one is fully engaged. Or smiling very much. Or learning very much.

4. There is actually science behind my quirky, fun approach. Studies show that people who are relaxed and having fun learn more and retain more than those who don’t. This approach really does make a better event for the attendees and keeps them coming back for more. The great communication philosopher Marshall McLuhan once said, “Anyone who tries to make a distinction between education and entertainment doesn’t know the first thing about either.”

So be authentic, fun, creative, and love what you do. The results are amazing!


Grand Poobah


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20/20 #11: Embedded Computing Design – Power to the People

Here’s our eleventh 20 for 20 (20 niche magazines in 20 days sharing their strategies for success): Embedded Computing Design – Power to the People.  Embedded Computing Design’s vital statistics:

Embedded Computer Design

Embedded Computing Design combines their annual Innovation Issue with an award program

PUBLICATION: B2B, free to 42,000 customers worldwide, print and digital
TARGET: Hardware, software, design engineers, engineering managers, decision makers
BIG IDEA: Annual Innovation Issue that keeps on giving

Special topical annual issues can be a great addition to your magazine, but Patrick Hopper of OpenSystems Media tells us that Embedded Computing Design takes it an extra step. Every year they have a “Most Innovative People and Products” contest and issue, then they keep the momentum going by having their editors select the top people and products – the cream of the crop –  to feature and receive awards. It’s very popular with their customer base. Does it increase ROI? You bet. What’s even more unique about their annual Innovation Issue is the two tracks; one features People (no fee for entry), one features Products (with an entry fee). ECD takes it to the next level in an industry that is primarily product-focused and brings humanity to it by paying more attention to the people behind the products.  Customers love it and respond to it. ECD also uses engaging social media to promote the Innovation Issue and to announce the winners.