Master Your Magazine’s Financials! Our 7-Part Cost Management Series Summed Up

Is carefully examining and monitoring a magazine’s financial operation the FUN part of publishing? Probably not—at least for most of us.


Jim’s 7 part-financial series will help you keep your biz profitable and on track.

But really knowing your numbers and understanding how they interplay will help you survive and thrive in today’s ever-changing publishing landscape.

By now you have most likely read our financial guru’s previous posts in our 7-part financial series. Jim Zielinski has shown you how to evaluate where your magazine is now and what important steps you can take to reduce costs and improve the bottom line for your business. We’d love to hear from publishers what other tactics they have used to reduce costs and make more efficient and profitable magazines. [Read more…]

How Niche Magazine Publishers can Evaluate and Manage Organizational Costs

The thing about niche magazine publishers is that they usually don’t know many other niche magazine publishers. That makes managinID-10093044g organizational expenses and setting budget goals challenging – there isn’t someone else to compare yourself with. How much should you be spending on editorial or overhead? Are there easy ways to bring down other major expenses? Does it all make your head throb?

Never fear! Here’s 5 ideas from Jim Zielinski to get your started measuring and managing organizational expenses:

1.  Editorial: It’s about more than ad/editorial ratios! You also have to look at your editorial costs on their own. A good guideline is at least 100 editorial pages per editor per year with a cost of about $1000 per page.  That is the cost for a real life B2B magazine and also has editors committing about 20% of their time to on-line activities. If you are below this benchmark, take a hard look at your editorial process. [Read more…]

Stay on Track in 2013: Wanda the Amazing Pug’s Publisher Check-Up

Wanda with

Wanda is concerned about how your magazine is doing. And when she gets the next dog treat.

Wanda wonders—how ARE you doing?  At the beginning of the year, we let Wanda the Amazing Pug and her unbridled enthusiasm be an inspiration for magazine publishers in 2013.  We were inspired to set our goals, prioritize those goals, reach out to those who matter, and learn to look at our business in new ways.

So now it is the first day of the new month of March and a GREAT time to take a moment and evaluate where we are relative to the our January 2013 objectives. Because our niche magazine world is comprised of B2C, B2B and Association Magazines, our goals and the measurements of those goals vary greatly.

But we can focus on these three areas to keep on track with goals:

FINANCIAL UPDATE:  Review the actuals with the budgeted numbers. The first 2 months analysis is important. Figure out what projects are more profitable and areas you can cut costs. You constantly need to be looking at your financials and adjust your strategy to what’s really happening. To help with the process, we’ll be running an article on cutting costs for your magazine every Thursday in March. [Read more…]