Media Company Financials: Managing Employee Benefit Costs


Employee benefits is a key area of your magazine’s financials.

Let’s face it–sometimes the financials of a publishing organization can get kinda tricky.  You have to look at ways to reduce costs where you can and always try to become more efficient. We’ve been sharing Jim Zielinski’s 6-part Financial Series with you over the last several weeks to help you know where to start, where to look, how to save on costs.

You can also reduce costs through carefully evaluating employee benefits. No one wants to reduce employee benefits. This is more about finding ways to reduce the costs so your magazine’s operation becomes more profitable and stable for the long term. These cost-saving measures are not necessarily Jim’s recommendation for your niche magazine. These are just some of the options publishers have.

A successful magazine is what everyone wants! [Read more…]

Financials: Benchmarks to Measure (and Improve!) Your B2B Magazine’s Profitability


Know the right benchmarks to measure your B2B magazine’s profitability.

In B2B publishing, accurate and real-world benchmarks are key to measuring the profitability (and success) of your business. Where do you start and what are accurate benchmarks most relevant to B2B niche magazine publishing?

Here are some of financial whizard Jim Zielinski’s sample financial benchmarks using the example of a profitable $1.2 million B2B magazine publisher:

 Revenue                                                                     100%


Sales                                                           20%
Editorial                                                     20%-22%
Production                                                 10%-15% [Read more…]