Financials: 3 More Key Areas to Evaluate to Take Control of Your Magazine’s Costs

Your niche magazine’s financial picture is important. You know this.  Yet we cannot tell you how many successful niche publishers don’t know – even as a

Knowing your costs is vital to your magazine's success and profitability.

Knowing your costs is vital to your magazine’s success and profitability.

ballpark figure – what their costs are! It’s not always the most exciting part of the business, but you need to know the numbers.  

To help niche magazine publishers get a handle on their finances, we’re publishing advice every Thursday from financial wizard Jim Zielinksi. Jim has already shared with us how to understand and evaluate your niche magazine’s profitability. Last week he shared with us 4 key financial areas on which to focus on first.

Here are 3 MORE key areas to investigate and evaluate to get your magazine’s costs and overall financial picture under control:

 1.  Postage:  Postage went up 2.57% in January. Be prepared for more and soon, due to huge USPS losses. Can you consider co-mailing? What’s your frequency of postage? Ask your printer to do a co-mailing study.

2.  Paper weight and quality:  There are 5 grades.  1 is best, 5 is worst.  Most publishers now use 3 or 4 grade.  Moving one grade gets savings of about 5%.  Also evaluate the print contract cost per copy. Your type of magazine affects how much you can shift paper quality – a high end lifestyle magazine doesn’t have as much wiggle room as Gear & Cog Monthly. [Read more…]

Financials: 4 Places to Evaluate and Improve Your Magazine’s ROI

Jim Zielinski, niche magazine financial guru, has been sharing with us how to gauge your magazine’s profitability. He’s covered where to start,  and understanding where you are now.

Improve ROI by looking at these 4 key areas

Improve ROI by looking at these 4 key areas

Now that you’ve made a financial profile of your magazine and figured our where to cut costs, it’s time to gauge your ROI. At our recent Niche Magazine Conference, we learned  from Jim 4 key areas to focus on for increased ROI.

Here are Jim’s 4 key areas to investigate and evaluate to improve ROI for YOUR niche magazine: [Read more…]

Cost Cutting: The First Step – Measure Your Media Ad Sales Costs

ID-10093044Jim Zielinski, Founder of Zielinski Financial Advisors, LLC, knows all about cost-cutting measures to save money for niche magazine publishers.  There are always ways to look within and do a better job when it comes to margins. We are beginning a Cost Cutting series with posts every Thursday for the next 5 weeks to help YOU improve the bottom line for your media business. We’ll bring you what works and what doesn’t for magazine publishers to improve financials based on Jim’s knowledge and expertise about what works for niche magazine publishers.

The first step: Get a handle on what your expenses really are. You can’t begin to find savings for your publishing/media company unless you know where to look!  It is helpful to create some benchmarks to tell you where the culprits are lurking.  This is what MEASURING YOUR COMPANY REALLY MEANS.   After you identify these problem areas, you can then develop strategies to defeat them.Start with your sales expense. (In future posts we’ll discuss industry averages for expenses and revenues, but for now just ask yourself if you are happy with the number you find.) If it seems too high, then ask yourself these 4 basic questions to find the problem and set internal benchmarks: [Read more…]