Summer of Niche: Connect Your Community with New Events!

Niche magazines are always looking for a new revenue stream.  Many are finding that creating new events is a very savvy way to achieve financial success. A few posts ago, we featured Edible Communities and their great idea of bringing together diverse organizations to hold a very innovative event: Events Are Made for Innovative Partnerships!FSM17-WEB 1

This week’s featured publication, Omaha-based Food & Spirits Magazine, took it even one step further by also raising money to benefit the community. The magazine created an event that brought together local restaurants, musicians and enthusiastic pizza-fans—plus all the proceeds helped provide scholarships for local students.

Publisher Erik Totten tells us how F&S did it:

“We created an Annual Omaha Pizza Review event with 15 different Omaha-area restaurants participating this year. Those attending voted for their top three pizzas and there was also judging by our magazine’s panel of judges. Winners were then announced, not at the event, but in an upcoming issue of the magazine. The proceeds of the event went to students attending the Institute for the Culinary Arts at the local college, some of who helped served the pizza.”    

The results? [Read more…]