Don’t Undersell the Importance–and Value–of Your First-Party Data


Don’t miss out on an opportunity to extract more value from the data coming from your own niche websites!

Audience data has become a valuable commodity in the digital advertising ecosystem. Advertisers continue to gobble up “third-party” data from online publications and other websites, which data management platforms (DMPs) collect and aggregate into audience segments that are sold through automated exchanges. BlueKai, one of the leading DMP vendors, has compiled close to 1 billion customer profiles, according to The Economist.

But many niche publishers are ignoring an opportunity to extract more value from the data coming from their own websites. Your community represents a premium audience for the advertisers in the niche you represent. The “first-party” data you collect as these visitors spend time on your website and share information with you is the real gold for audience targeting and other advanced ad products and services.

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Maximize the Impact of Your B2B Magazine’s Native Advertising Campaigns!

Implementing even one new idea can have a HUGE return! Have fun with 50!

Native advertising is a hot new revenue stream for niche magazine publishers, but you’ve got to do it right!

What is Native Advertising, really? What does it mean for B2B niche magazines?

Native Advertising, by its very nature, is supposed to be transparent. No blatant sales pitch allowed. And it shouldn’t “feel” like an ad. What is it then?

We don’t know the answer yet. But we DO know that the way we market and sell is changing dramatically. [Read more…]