Savvy Selling Tips from the Magazine Ad Sales Experts

In ad sales, you are always looking for something to keep you inspired and focused. Here are 3 great bits of timeless advice from our niche publishing experts to kick-off your magazine ad-selling week:

picture-454Audience-centric selling
Publisher Geoff Hird on finding your audience-centric mojo:
“Our experience is that advertisers are always keen to meet, or make time on the phone, if you have something ‘of value’ to share with them – and audience demographic data that fits their potential customer profile is a door opener like no other.  [Read more…]

The Niche Digital Conference Speaker Interview Collection!


Niche Digital Conference in Nashville happening right now. I’m just gonna say it: Wish I was there!

For the last 3 months we have been interviewing our smart and savvy Niche Digital Conference speakers so those of you who are not attending can still get the best and latest info from industry thought leaders about what’s happening in the niche media world–with a focus on the digital realm- that we are all grappling with and experimenting with and learning about. Whew.

The conference began Monday, September 30th, in Nashville. We completely sold out the conference (yay!) – we make sure we cap the conference at 250 in order to serve our mantra of quality not quantity

Here are links to some our conference speaker interviews, even the keynote interviews with cool creative leaders like Jay Baer and Aaron Kahlow. And everyone LOVES Andrew Davis and Carla Johnson, so there’s that. Sure it’s not the same as learning in person…not at all. You unfortunately were not able to take advantage of the opportunity of fun networking (our specialty) with niche publishing professionals like yourself. [Read more…]

Total Audience Marketing: Niche Publishers Need to Bundle Up to Increase Ad Revenue

Bundle up during the summer? How can that be?

Great news! Print is only a slice of your total audience now. And what does that mean for your niche magazine going forward?

It means that niche publishers are uniquely positioned to connect advertisers to audience by combining print, online, and social media audiences into one compelling buy


Holly Scott, Publisher of Mountain Living, tells us why creating integrated media packages will increase the bottom line.

We are pumped up to have Holly Scott, Publisher of Mountain Living, lead the 2013 Niche Digital Conference session Bundle This! Total Audience Marketing in October in Nashville.

This is exactly what Holly will talk about—how a “total audience marketing” approach (email marketing + social media + yes…print ads) can ramp up your revenue.  Here she shares with us some of her insights on using total audience marketing to increase ad buys and ad revenue.

Niche Media HQ: How do you define the “Total Audience Marketing” approach?

Holly Scott: In the last couple of years, we’ve called this approach “Reaching your Total Brand Audience”.  For instance, you can’t bake an incredible cake without all of the ingredients working together to give you that tasty final result. It is the same with Integrated Marketing. If you run a print ad without having a web presence, you’ve lost not only consumer momentum because they can’t find you on the web after seeing your ad, but you’ve also lost consumer confidence.  Intuitively, consumers’ perception is that you only exist in a singular way if you’re not active in all facets of your marketing. It’s a total holistic approach to marketing your business.

Niche Media HQ: What are ways that bundling integrated media packages can increase ROI? Can you give us a real-world success story?

Holly Scott: Thinking about integrated marketing packages makes me think of the ad slogan by Visa, “It’s everywhere you want to be.” It’s the perfect tag line to illustrate how we need to think about consumer marketing through various media platforms.

It’s all about consumer behavior. Your print readers become your web visitors and become your fans and followers. In order to get that return on investment, you have to think about how consumers are interacting with products and services in this new media world. If advertisers don’t, someone else will get the business.

A few years back, ML magazine built a Dream Home from start to finish, we featured the architectural plans, design build, construction process, interior design selections in every issue of our magazine for 18 months. For the final issue, we produced an entire edition of the publication devoted to the Dream Home. During this process an ML reader had been following the coverage in print/online, and ended up purchasing that multi-million dollar home!

Niche Media HQ: What are some ways publishers can help Media Buyers better understand the value they will get from bundling their media programs?

Holly Scott: Ask them– What types of media do they interact with during a 24-hour period? 99% of the time their answer is: magazines, newspapers, tablet, mobile device, TV, email, blogs, etc. Then you can paint a picture about consumers buying patterns and how they need to build their marketing approach through a web of media channels. If you’re only advertising through one type of medium, you’ll be missing out on a much greater audience. Then the conversation turns to budget, and we devise a tailored program to achieve their marketing goals. 

Niche Media HQ: What existing or new media will be bundled in packages by 2015? What do you see as significant trends to watch? How will they change up what we do now?

Holly Scott: Video, Custom Apps, continued focus on Social content marketing, social listening, social reputation dashboards, etc.

Niche Bonus Question: What is your favorite guilty pleasure food?

Holly Scott: Rocky Road ice cream!

Bottom line for niche publishers: Learning the art of how to best integrate your media program offerings to advertisers leads to increased revenue. Questions or comments about bundling? Share with us on Facebook or Twitter.

About Holly: Holly Scott has been Publisher at Mountain Living since 2003 and in 2012 was named VP Sales & Marketing for the Home Design Division of Network Communications, Inc. along with her role as Group Publisher for both Mountain Living and Colorado Homes & Lifestyles. She brings 17 years of experience to the publishing industry. Prior to her Publisher role at Mountain Living, Holly was the Ad Director at Mountain Living, Log & Timber Style, To the Trade, Westword/New Times Publishing, and sold print media solutions for C2Media.


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