The Editor/Salesperson Conundrum – Say Hello to the Visioneer


What?? An editor with you on a sales call? Tim Hermes tells us why it can help you and your brand be successful.

It’s a famous challenge. Editors and staff writers can be a huge asset to a salesperson, particularly if they have good “face” in the market. After all, as far as representing your brand, they often feel they walk the earth as giants. And often they do.

Editors are notoriously prickly about going on sales calls with reps. The whole church-and-state thing, you know. But there is a way that you can solicit help from an editor – heck maybe even get them to join a sales call – by appealing to their vision.

So make your editor your visioneer.  Yeah, it’s a made-up word, but I like to think of a “visioneer” as a visionary who actually implements that vision of their brand.

Engineering the vision

Everyone likes an ego stroke. And most editors like the opportunity to express their market vision and plan for their brand. So why not use this to your advantage? One approach is to ask an editor to join a call to share their vision for the brand, why they are taking a specific approach (like tackling regulation, as opposed to business issues) and how they expect readers to respond to the approach.

This strategy will often produce 4 results:

  1. Active participation in the entire meeting.
  2. Adds a layer of gravitas to the call.
  3. Explains the brand’s mission in a highly effective – and hopefully captivating – way.
  4. Elicits questions from the prospect that can be easily handled and explained by the editor.

Next thing you know, your editor is part of the whole meeting. Many editors will take this approach. The chance to have a stage can be irresistible. And after one meeting, or two, the willingness to participate in your “share the vision,” meetings with clients and prospects will increase.

OK…it doesn’t work every time, but editors do enjoy talking about their brands. Using an editor to kick off a meeting with a “vision” discussion is a great tool and asset. Also, having an editor kick off a meeting gives them a chance to excuse themselves before the nuts-and-bolts, us-vs.-them, rates-and-dates conversation starts—which is when I find that most editors would rather be “anywhere but there.”

Do you have a great editor? Give it a shot! Maybe you have a visioneer on your team who can be a huge asset to your sales effort. If so, chances are they can play a key part in increasing your ad and sponsorship sales….even if they don’t realize it.






More about Tim: Tim Hermes is a publishing consultant with over 20 years in the b2b space. As an Account Executive, Regional Sales Manager, Associate Publisher, VP/Publisher, Owner and CEO, he has seen an industry change and embrace the excitement that multimedia content delivery presents – first-hand – from different positions.


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