Ad Sales Advice From a Pro: Interactivity, Lead Gen and the Future of Ad Sales!

Nancy O’Brien, Associate Publisher of Aviation International News, has also been a successful ad sales rockstar for decades. We caught up with her recently and asked her to share some of her insights with us (you know, so we can fly high in ad sales…) on interactivity!

Increased options for making tablet editions interactive has lead to an explosion in MEASUREABILITY that is driving big data, ad sales, and lead gen. This can mean big revenue for you!


Nancy O’Brien gives us some insights on the wonderful, wide world of niche magazine ad sales.

Niche Media HQ:  What is the biggest trend on the horizon for niche magazine ad sales?

Nancy: The biggest trend I see for niche publishers right now is interactive tablet editions.  We’ve seen a lot on tablet editions in the last few years but advertisers seem to be catching on to the technology and building multi-level, interactive advertisements for the tablet.  These ads include videos, surveys, webcasts, etc. and they are measurable[Read more…]

Use an Integrated Media Plan to Help Your Advertisers Expand Their Reach


No more selling ads. It’s about selling an integrated media plan customized to your advertiser.

When I started out in advertising sales, I sold ads.

I sold ads very simply—my advertisers wanted to reach the audience who picks up my print magazine, and I sold them that ad. I spent hours talking about the demographics of the print reader. Once the prospect bought an ad, we talked about their creative, and wham, they were published in my publication.

I don’t sell ads anymore. You shouldn’t either.

Media sales is no longer about a “one-off ad.” The main difference in selling in today’s climate is that you never know how readers will access your magazine. Today’s consumers are more mobile than ever. They are reading magazines, but they could be accessing them in print, online, through a blog, or fan page—and on multiple devices.

The key is to help your advertisers understand why an integrated marketing plan is vital to their business success. How do you do that? You tell them you can customize highly-integrated media packages to ensure your advertisers are everywhere their readers are. [Read more…]

Go Beyond “Ad Sales Rep” – Become An Expert Marketing Consultant!


Although she may look like a sales rep, she is actually a successful, expert marketing consultant.

I’ve been talking to more and more publishers lately about the challenges with getting client meetings. Yes, it’s definitely a tough environment and has been for a while. Media buyers are busier than ever, and they don’t want to make the time to talk to your sales reps.

What if instead–your clients and prospects called to meet with your sales rep? What if they sought your salesperson’s expertise on a consistent basis?

It’s possible…but the challenge is that most publishers position their sales reps as just that, typical sales reps. What your organization and your customers need are marketing consultants.

Here is my action plan. This is not easy, but it’s necessary for the future of your business.

How to Transform Your Reps into Expert Marketing Consultants: [Read more…]

Maximize the Potential of Your Magazine’s Online Advertising by Transforming Your Relationship with Media Buyers


Nancy O’Brien, Ad Sales Guru and Niche Digital Conference Speaker, gives us the skinny on how to maximize the potential of online advertising.

We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Nancy O’Brien, Ad Sales Superstar for Aviation International News, about how to maximize the potential of your magazine’s online advertising. She’s also a B2B publishing vet and Niche Digital Conference Speaker for the Media Buyers Speak Out about Buying Online Advertising session this fall in Nashville.

Niche Media: So the relationship between publishers and media buyers is getting more complicated. Media Buyers are asking for much more online data. Can you give us a real-world example of how online data is better now? How can Ad Sales Reps use this detailed data best to get their foot in the door with a media buyer?

Nancy O: Well, two things to keep in mind are that the metrics are SO much better now. You can drill down into all kinds of information. Plus, your number of online visitors is usually much bigger than anything in print now. In my magazine, for example, the website has 4x the readership vs. print. That’s powerful stuff. [Read more…]

How to Handle Gatekeepers Like an Ad Sales Pro

If you are in advertising sales there is a good chance you run in


Open! Open! Here are some effective ways to deal with gatekeepers and connect with the real decision-makers.

to gatekeepers on a regular basis.

Gatekeepers can deter and discourage the sales psyche, but don’t lose hope! Here are two ways to effectively deal with the gatekeepers that stand between you and that next sale:

The Mike Brooks Method – SAY PLEASE 

Brooks states that a gatekeeper’s job is to prevent you from wasting their time and, more importantly, their boss’ time.

Being less than transparent to get around the gatekeeper will only make it worse and send a red flag to the gatekeeper to screen you.  

Brooks suggests being polite, upfront and direct about why you are calling. [Read more…]