Creating the Best of Both: How to Sell Digital AND Print for the Ultimate Ad Package


Associate Publisher and Sales Expert Nancy O’Brien shares her insights on selling the ultimate package.

Many advertisers think that digital is the less expensive alternative when really it’s not. And more than ever, advertisers are turning to Google AdWords, Facebook and other online-only digital ad opportunities….and leaving you and your niche magazine’s advertising opportunities out in the cold. So what’s the best way to overcome this “either-or” way of thinking?

We consulted Ad Sales Expert Nancy O’Brien on ways to prove that traditional media is alive, well and needed–as well as how to advance your conversations about your digital products at the same time. [Read more…]

Ad Sales Mission Possible: Save the Day with Research!


Save your advertiser’s day with the ultimate weapon: Research!

Can you imagine your clients desperately needing you to save the day? Do they call you a bunch now because they know you are a trusted resource?  If not, do you know how to become so indispensable that your clients can’t imagine not working with you?

Here are 4 ways research can be your ultimate magazine ad sales weapon: [Read more…]

Ad Sales: Rock Your Role-Play!


You CAN rock your role-play with these 5 tips.

Do you sometimes feel like role-playing is just so forced? A waste of time? Why oh why do sales managers always insist on role-play? Because it’s proven to get results.

And because in your heart-of-hearts, you know practice really does make perfect. We can always learn new things and mentor others. So there really isn’t a reason NOT to role-play.

Here are some of our top tips on how to take your typical, boring, rote role-play to a whole new level (and reap the benefits!):

[Read more…]

Carl’s Top 6 Tips on How to Have a Great Sales Meeting!


You don’t want this! Here’s Carl’s 6 Tips on how to have a GREAT sales meeting.

You know the sales meeting we are talking about. Full of dread, the sales team mandatorily attends. Bad coffee, not enough windows and the management focus is on numbers, projects, numbers, goals, numbers and blah, blah blah for long soul-sucking hours where everyone at the table is mostly screaming on the inside. Plus some of the salespeople are bitching about clients, commission structure, territories, etc. Nothing about this kind of sales meeting is helpful to anyone.  

Sales meetings and trainings don’t have to be that way!!!

Here are my top tips on how to have a GREAT sales meeting—the kind of meeting where everyone, both management and sales team, is actually looking forward to attending:

[Read more…]

Fan the Flames of Competition For Ad Sales Success


Expert Ryan Dohrn has an idea to share on how to fire up your ad sales.

It is a very common practice in ad sales to look to your competitors for new sales leads.  While I understand this strategy is common, unfortunately you are often late to the party when you call on them and ask them to run with you as well. Usually the results aren’t so…hot.

While writing my new book, I did a ton of research to expand on this idea and discovered an even stronger strategy that is really yielding solid results for my ad sales clients. I call it Competitive Chaos Selling and it takes the competition sales strategy one step further. [Read more…]

Turn “Absolutely Not!” into “Tell Me More!”


NDC Speaker Nancy O’Brien tells us why overcoming tough objections is possible.

Ad salespeople—do some days feel like you are smacking up against a brick wall of “No?”  Do you encounter prospects who cross their arms and purse their lips tightly, all the while glancing at their cell phone or desktop every 30 seconds?

Everyone in the ad sales profession faces rejection. But how do you overcome the persistent, teflon-coated objections of a really good prospect—one you know you can help? We checked in with Nancy O’Brien of Aviation International News—and ad sales rock star in her own right—to see what works best.

Niche Media HQ: We have featured posts from you in the past on this blog where you talk about overcoming objections. What are some early warning signals that clients show so an ad salesperson can know they are heading for trouble? What can they do to turn it around? [Read more…]

Losing a Sale Really CAN Be a Good Thing!


Sales expert Shane Greer tells us why losing a sale isn’t always a bad thing.

Shane Greer has been in the trenches and on the sales floor with the team–and knows plenty about motivation tactics that work.

He recently wrote on his blog about the fact that sometimes it can actually be beneficial to lose a sale. Does that sound crazy? Hear him out. There are solid reasons why walking away from a client or sale can be the best decision – both for your peace of mind and your bottom line. [Read more…]

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Ad Sales Role-Play


Wanna be the best? Perfect your role-play with Ryan’s 10 tips.

I am always amazed at the number of ad sales reps that never, ever practice their trade in an effort to improve. Just imagine if Tiger Woods never practiced. Would he be as successful? Probably not. Why did Michael Jordan shoot hundreds of free throws each week? Why do the best actors in Hollywood have acting coaches?

Because being the best requires practice, mentoring and coaching. To get the best ad sales team in your niche, you need to implement regular role play sessions and trainings for your team. This means setting aside time and taking it seriously!

Here are my top 10 ways to improve your role-playing practice:

1.  Half-hearted role-playing stinks. Especially when when others treat it a joke.  It should never be treated as such.  Start role-playing one-on-one in a private office and then move to group role play. You can do it!

2.  Create real world scenarios. When you practice create scenarios you encounter out there, not fictional advertising clients who act like idiots. Advertising clients are smart and savvy and you should practice to that. [Read more…]

Magazine Advertising Sales Answer-O-Rama!


Ask us your questions about niche magazine ad sales.

Do you have a burning ad sales question? A sales management puzzler? Ask our ad sales experts!

Last week we had a reader ask us about whether outsourcing ad sales is a wise move. You can see the answer here: Can Outsourcing Work for Magazine Ad Sales?

Today, we want to hear from YOU. Let’s have an Ad Sales Conversation. How? Start by sending us your Ad Sales questions in the comment section of this post.

We bet you have some questions you want to ask Ad Sales Guru Carl or one of our other experts. We will post your questions with the answers in the coming weeks. [Read more…]

The 10 Minute Ad Sales Call


Ad Sales Trainer Ryan Dohrn shares his “10 Minute Ad Sales Call” process.

In my world, process is everything. The fact is most sales people thrive better within a solid structure, knowing the expectations and organizational framework. Personally,  I recognized long ago that I am a “roll with the flow” kind of sales guy and that sometimes a lack of structure kills my ability to be a raging success.

So I created an ad sales call process. As I looked to improve and refine how I hosted my sales calls, I looked for a simple, repeatable pattern of success.  I found that pattern when I changed my typical sales call into small, defined segments.

I soon realized I could host a really solid sales call in 10 minutes or less.   Because most sales people lack a process when they make sales calls, this simple approach really boosts confidence and creates a systematic plan.  Plus it also stops those endless, meandering, boring sales calls that result in little more than a request for a blind proposal – that often goes nowhere.

In my ad sales training workshops, I teach “The 10 Minute Ad Sales Call.[Read more…]