Why Should An Advertiser Buy An Ad From YOU?


What makes YOU different from every other ad sales rep? Ryan Dohrn gives us some ways to help you shine.

Advertisers today have more strategy choices than ever before to market their products and services. No matter the size of the niche you serve, the sheer number of media channels available to an advertiser to market their product grows every day. If you are an ad sales rep trying to sell your magazine’s media packages, standing out from the rest of the shouting takes some extra effort.

So what makes YOU different from every other ad sales person that walks in the advertisers’ door today? This is a question that you should be asking yourself before each and every advertising sales call.

Almost every time, advertisers will tell me that they bought media because they really liked the salesperson. It’s not necessarily just a personality contest.  But knowing your strengths and offering your insight to your customers can set you apart from the pack.

Ask yourself: What makes YOU different? Likable? Why would an advertiser buy from you personally? What is it about you that would make them want to buy your media offering? [Read more…]