Media Ad Sales: “No” Can Lead to “Yes!”


Yeah, this prospect so wants to say “No.” But you can overcome it with Nancy’s tips for handling objections.

“No money.”    
“Too expensive!”
“Timing isn’t right.”
“We tried it before and it didn’t work.”

We can’t avoid them, but almost every sales call with a prospect has them.

I’m talking about objections. And I’m going to tell you why they are actually a good thing in the sales process. So how do we learn to handle them? [Read more…]

Wanda the Amazing Pug Says: Be a Tenacious Ad Sales “Person”!

Wanda the Amazing Pug is a force of nature–and you should be just as tenacious in ad sales!

We know you ad sales professionals haven’t heard from our sage pug Wanda for a while. Wanda has just one piece of advice for you this week:

Be tenacious!

The dictionary defines being tenacious person this way:

  1. holding firmly: a tenacious grip
  2. that retains well; retentive: a tenacious memory
  3. that holds together strongly; cohesive
  4. that clings; adhesive
  5. persistent; stubborn: tenacious courage

[Read more…]

Ad Sales: Find Your Superstar Sales Voice!


Yeah, you can rock it! Cultivate a superstar sales voice with these easy tips.

You meet with prospects and clients all week long. Are you making a memorable impression? Do you exude the confidence of a superstar? On The Voice, the contestants only have seconds to wow the judges and get them to swivel their fancy chairs around to commit. Don’t you want to improve your sales voice and prompt your clients to a stellar “YES!”– like a superstar?

Here’s 7 quickie tips to finding your winning sales voice: 

[Read more…]

Ad Sales: 5 Quick Tips to Boost Your Advertisers’ Online Conversion Rates


Here’s 5 Quick Tips to help YOU help your advertisers!

Why is it your job to help with their ad creation and conversion, you ask? Because pretty much everyone does consultative selling now. Plus, niche ad sales reps have the built-in advantage of a targeted audience. That’s what everyone wants!

It’s pretty simple—increase online conversion rates for your advertisers and you will sell more advertising. So how do you become the ultimate sales/marketing consultant, helping your advertisers to turn your niched-out readers into customers?

Here are 5 Quick Tips for YOU to help your advertisers boost their online conversion rates: [Read more…]

Small Gifts Give You an Ad Sales Edge


Summer: Perfect time to send your advertisers a small gift.

Let’s face it — summer is tough in the ad sales world. People are more breezy and relaxed or on vacation. Even if they are at work, they seem to be in a non-committal frame of mind.

So of course most of us get through the dry sales season by preparing for the fall when you’re selling next year’s long term contracts.

But what else can we do?

Let’s try some summer fun! Timing is everything and this is typically the time of year I send my advertisers gifts. I’ve sent all sorts of stuff over the years to perk up advertisers and get their attention. Plus sending a little gift gives you another reason to talk to an advertiser.

These gifts don’t have to be expensive. In the past, I’ve sent logo coffee mugs, bags of Jelly Bellies, Starbucks gift cards, gas cards, and of course  — cats in the mail. (Way back in 1990!)

People LOVE getting little, fun, thoughtful gifts. Plus you can send out email teasers about the surprise gift and then follow up with your advertisers. It always works. [Read more…]

Go All “Ad Sales Old School” with Face-to-face Calling!


We know it sounds crazy, but making ad sales calls in person can set you apart from the pack!

Everyone in ad sales complains about clients and prospects not returning emails or phone calls. You think,  “Are they not interested?” or “Do they not like me?

The answer is…….mostly they are just busy. If they answered every e-mail or phone call they receive from an ad sales person, they wouldn’t get anything done. Prospects may very well be interested. You just need to figure out how to get their attention.

How do you do that? Go “old school” on them and make a call in person at their office or have lunch. It makes a world of difference and makes you stand out because your competition is only doing the email or phone call deal.

In days of old (as in the early ’80’s) when I started selling, all ad sales calls were in person. I know it’s hard to believe now, but that’s how it was done. So I decided to change it up and I started making phone calls–when all the old time sales guys would never think of selling on the phone. And it worked! I actually made myself stand out because I used the phone to sell. I swear I’m not making this up. [Read more…]

The 7 Signs of a Good Ad Sales Prospect


Ryan Dohrn shares the 7 signs of a good prospect. Now go do your homework.

Ad Sales expert and trainer Ryan Dohrn has been a frequent guest-blogger for us about the wonderful, wild world of ad sales. He is coming out with a new book soon and he gave us a sneak peek recently.

In one of the first chapters, Ryan goes into detail about how important the prospecting phase of selling is to the whole sales process. Often sales reps will start selling to the customer right off the bat, instead of going through each critical step. Ryan gives ad sales reps a road map on how to expertly navigate the prospecting phase. [Read more…]

How to Motivate Yourself for Amazing Ad Sales….When Your Boss Won’t!

Lucky for us salespeople, most of us have a great boss who knows what we need to keep us motivated to sell and bring in the dough. But what about the times when we are working with a sales manager who just does not get it?


Does your boss seem to be oblivious to your your ad sales success? Here’s how to keep motivated.

You prospected, proposed and made all the proper follow up. Finally the advertiser bought. The contract is signed.  Time for high fives and celebration! Woo-hoo!

The contract goes to the sales manager and you just know you will get all sorts of thanks and kudos. Time goes by and nothing. Nada. Not even an acknowledgement. Woo-hoo-not-so-much.

But seriously, come on—what did you expect?  You are one of the top salespeople in the company so all the bosses know you regularly bring in the contracts. So closing a deal is really nothing to get super-excited about.

But where does that leave YOU?  How do you pick yourself up and go after the next sale?  You have to have a strong sense of self-motivation and give yourself celebration. You could call your spouse, good friend or peers who are happy for you and will celebrate your successes with you. Having someone to celebrate with is essential for the short term. But you also need to have a strategy that will keep you motivated for the long haul. [Read more…]

How to Sell Against a Competitor’s Inaccurate Online Data


Here’s some tips on selling against a competitor’s pumped-up numbers.

USA Today’s recent article How Much is Internet Traffic Worth? made us ponder about the measurement and accuracy of traffic data in online ad sales. The author paints a pretty bleak picture. Do we now live in a world where it’s hopeless for ad sales reps to fight against their competitor’s fraudulent fluff?

We don’t believe that. So we asked Digital Advertising Sales expert Ryan Dohrn for his take on the situation and some ways for ad sales teams to deal with a competitor with pumped-up data. [Read more…]

The First Crucial Steps of the Magazine Ad Sales Process


Here a bright ad sales idea: Listen and learn before you do anything else!

I was just reminded recently of a great ad sales tip from Bryan Welch, one of our awesome keynotes at our Niche Media Conference. Bryan offered up a ton of great advice to our attendees, including that fact that his ad salespeople are NOT allowed to pitch their magazine in the first two conversations they have with a new prospect. Not one word.  

I love this advice and have been promoting this sales approach for years as well: Listen and learn before you do anything else. Jumping right into a sales pitch is probably the single biggest mistake ad salespeople can make. Seems like about 95% of the ad sales world wants to start selling their magazine or website within 15 seconds of talking to a new prospect.

In 3 words…NO ONE CARES! Prospects really don’t care how great you think your magazine is. [Read more…]