How to Drive Your Ad-supported Digital Business to Thrive!


Industry Dive’s Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer Ryan Willumson shares some of his insights on a successful digital ad-based business.

While some niche publishers are focusing on subscription revenue models (again), you have an opportunity to capture market share by building a profitable digital business supported by your clients’ marketing campaigns.

Digital business expert Ryan Willumson spoke at the recent Niche Digital Conference on some best practices for building a sharp sales operation. Here are some of the sales highlights from his presentation, “How to Build a Thriving Ad-Supported Digital Business.”

First you must start by busting two common digital ad-supported business myths: [Read more…]

Sell More Advertising…By Informing, NOT Trying to Sell!

One of the biggest mistakes that I see ad sales people make is they spend most of their time just dialing for dollars, trying to sell the next issue that’s coming right up. That’ s a reactive plan. What you need to be a truly effective ad sales pro is a proactive sales plan!


Learn how to become invaluable to your advertisers by helping, not selling.

Just think how much easier your job would be if the companies you call on are all eager to hear from you and will stop what they are doing just to talk to you!

How can you create this selling environment and give your ad sales revenue a kick in the pants?

One of the secrets to successful ad sales is to position yourself as a marketing consultant.  Your primary job is to provide customers and prospects with pertinent, valuable marketing information that will help the customer do their job better.

The best way to do this is to become an expert in your niche. Give them concrete analytics about your magazine’s audience and their customers and how you think they would engage best with your advertiser’s product and why. [Read more…]