5 Sales Tips to Set You Apart From the Pack

Set your sales self apart with these 5 tips to success!

The evolving market means that you, as a super salesperson, needs to be well-educated in how to best market content and create native advertising campaigns that will connect advertisers’ brands to your niche magazine audience.

Not so easy! You already have the pressure of your sales goals. You are making monthly progress and talking to new prospects. But does it sometimes feel like the same old thing, like you could be doing something more?

Here are 5 tips to set you apart from the pack: [Read more…]

Let’s Pump Up Your Ad Sales Team!!!


If you want to pump up sales, start by pumping up the team!

We sometimes sit on the couch and can’t understand why our favorite baseball player can’t hit that 98 MPH fastball or his teammate dropped that easy catch. It just seems so easy from the couch, when your biggest problem is not to spill your beer and nachos.

Same situation at your media company– when editors, production people or publishers shake their heads at the sales person who isn’t making sales all the time. It seems so easy from the sidelines. Just make a couple of calls and send some emails. Right?

It’s NOT so easy after you’ve had your 10th “no” of the day or the millionth (or feeling like that) unreturned email.

I realize there are some lazy ad sales people that just won’t ever make it. But the majority of ad sales people I’ve met are hard working and well intentioned. Yet even the very best ad sales people hit a bad streak sometimes and need some pumping up!

Here’s some advice for publishers to help pump up your Ad Sales Team: [Read more…]