Is Your Niche Event on the Decline? Here’s 5 Key Areas to Get Your Event Back on Track


Here’s Carl’s 5 key areas to focus to get your niche event back on track.

I have been creating successful events for a long time. Every once in awhile, I will get a call from a niche publisher who is frustrated by the results of one of their niche events and is not sure where to start or who to blame.

They want to know what went wrong and how to get their event back in growth mode. Often the niche event had been a sure-fire formula for a long time, but it suddenly fell flat. Why?

It could be declining attendance, or lack of sponsors or less revenue generated—but it is usually a combination of several factors that create the problem. The publishers need to either fix it fast or watch it fade away.

Here are 5 key areas to analyze when an event isn’t producing the results you want so you can get it back on track and growing:

1. Market: What are the overall market conditions for the event you are producing? Has your competition changed or grown? Time to do some research and call on experts.

2. Dates: Check the timing of your event. Just because these dates or that time frame has worked in the past, does not necessarily mean they will always work best for your audience forever. Survey your attendees and sponsors and do some research on what other events are happening about the same time. It might be time to change it up. [Read more…]