Not Your Grandma’s Digital Marketing: Email Targeting That Works!


We’ve collected the bright ideas of niche email marketing visionaries for you!

Burning Digital Marketing Question of the Day: What are the most effective ways to drive traffic, customers, and revenues?

Do you still think email is so old-school and only a hopeless combat against everyone’s totally jammed in-box? Guess again. The right email messaging targeted to the right segments of your niche can increase campaign response tenfold! How? By focusing on what matters most — compelling design, relevant content, and clear calls-to-action. [Read more…]

Artisanal Publishing: High Quality + Great Editorial = Revenue!

In the last decade, magazine publishing has transformed dramatically and most niche magazines have had to re-invent themselves. Many have emerged stronger by adopting new revenue strategies and leveraging the depth of their passionate, niche audience.


Daniel Brogan, President of 5280 Magazine, shares his insights for success with us.

Here’s a success story for you: Daniel Brogan, Founder and President of Denver’s highly successful 5280 Magazine bucked the status quo and then saw the magazine’s paid circulation triple and ad revenue reach all-time highs. We asked him to share some of his publishing insights and lessons learned with us.

Niche Media HQ: What’s “artisanal publishing” and how can it affect a publisher’s bottom line? [Read more…]