The REAL reason your digital magazine readers don’t want a digital replica edition!


Online media expert Ed Coburn explains why niche publishers should re-think digital replica editions.

I love technology! I hate technology! I love technology! I hate technology!   

This was my inner dialog recently, as I was ready to throw my iPhone against the wall while reading a blurry page of The New Yorker. Now, if you’re not at the age of, eh, eye discrepancy yet, take a moment to imagine how your parents feel. Or your grandparents, if you’re still lucky enough to have them around.

Place yourself in their shoes: you are at the age where you’re kind of set in your ways, yet haven’t completely lost the will to progress through this wonderful (yet frustrating) age of technological advancement. And those that have seen their parents read a digital replica edition of their favorite magazine on a tablet—time and again—find them zooming in on the page, and then manically swiping the page up and down and left and right to make it through a single sentence. It is hard enough that some pages are simply fuzzy, but it is even worse when you are losing your eyesight.

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Ask the Expert: Web Revenue Strategies for Media Companies

All publishers want to generate more online revenue, right? You know you need to drive traffic and convert users while at the same time creating engaging content. But where do you start when you want to kick your web strategies (and revenues) into high gear?


We asked Prime Publishing’s Stuart Hochwert about successful web revenue strategies for publishers.

We recently caught up with Stuart Hochwert of Prime Publishing. They are generating 100% of their revenue online. In just 5 years, this start-up has built 5.3 million subscribers and generates over 15 million page views of its content per week. We asked him about successful web revenue strategies and here’s what he had to say:

Niche Media HQ: What kinds of web revenue strategies have been successful for you and why?


“Like most web sites, we offer banner ads. Direct sold brings us the highest CPM. After that, Google AdSense is what I recommend for everyone as a major revenue source for unsold inventory. That said, every industry has some banner networks that may do well for a specific vertical or niche, may be even better than Google AdSense. There are also hundreds of general networks out there. Some are worthy of testing and do well for us.  In addition, some of our sites have video and we sell pre-roll directly. This can be a very nice source of revenue. [Read more…]