Secrets of Selling Social Media to Traditional Advertisers


This traditional advertiser prefers his messaging the old way. Here’s some tips on discussing social media opportunities with him.

Selling social media to traditional advertisers is hard sometimes, isn’t it? (Notice we said “traditional” and not “cranky” or “back in the dark ages….”)

So how do you overcome the closed minds of these advertisers? You don’t. But you can help them to connect better with their target audience, which happens to be YOUR niche audience.

Here are some ad sales secrets to keep in mind when “advising” traditionalists. (It can be done!) [Read more…]

The Publishing Paradigm Shift: Transforming Digital into Print


Joe Mathes, VP of Delta Publications, Inc. shares his insights on the new paradigm shift from digital to print.

As publishers, no matter how strong your content is or how solid your online strategy, you need to be better at selling your print products along with your core product. Is this a dramatic shift from even 7 or 8 years ago? You bet.

We recently asked Joe Mathes, Vice President of Delta Publications, Inc. and a Partner in Delta Online, to talk with us about how they leverage their existing online assets to increase print sales. Joe is also a digital revenue consultant across the country and he helps clients see the whole bundled media picture.

Niche Media HQ:  Can you explain why niche publishers should use their digital products to leverage print sales?

Joe Mathes: As print publishers we still have an effective and dynamic advertising platform with which to promote our digital offerings. Our print products and all of our other organizational assets give us tremendous credibility and leverage in our markets—and that gives us the inside track when it comes to digital. [Read more…]