Ad Sales Roundup: The Best of Bonnie


Gear up for 2014 with these real world ad sales tips from an ad sales pro.

As we wind down 2013, we’d like to thank our guest bloggers. When the ad sales pros in our niche magazine world share their nuggets of wisdom, it helps everyone.

This post features the 2013 contributions of Bonnie Dodson, long-time ad sales pro and niche media enthusiast. (Thank you for being so prompt and easy to work with.) With Bonnie’s advice you will be on track to sell more integrated print and online magazine advertising in the coming year, and have more fun doing it, too.

Here’s some of Bonnie’s ad sales advice so yo can jump start the new year: [Read more…]

Full Media Integration Brings You New Advertising Customers


Ad Sales: Customize fully integrated media packages to bring in new customers.

I know that this isn’t a great revelation to ad sales people who are working hard in the trenches selling media now, but fewer and fewer companies want to do a print ad-only buy. I’m sure you offer several other media buys right now. And you need to be providing even MORE offerings to your advertising prospects.

Look at it this way: The great thing about multiple platform media vehicles is that it gives you something to offer prospects that have turned you down.

An old client or prospect that wouldn’t buy a printed ad from you 2 years ago may be super excited about sponsoring a video series. It all comes down to customizing a program that suits the needs and budget of your prospect. Publishers need to get out of their comfort zone and start offering new advertising and sponsorship opportunities to your clients. This is a way to beat your competitor to the punch. [Read more…]