6 Keys for Achieving Your Ad Sales Goals in 2016


Ryan’s 6 keys to success will help you reach your 2016 sales goals.

Each New Year we set resolutions or goals for the upcoming year. About 90% of people set goals on January 1st. In reality, fewer than 10% achieve those goals. What can you do as an ad salesperson to get it right?

I have identified 6 keys to achieving your sales goals for the New Year: [Read more…]

3 Best Practices for Creating New Integrated Media Programs


Keep these 3 best practices in mind when crafting a new revenue program.

Videos, podcasting, e-newsletters, oh my! As niche publishers, we are continuously looking at the best ways to integrate our digital and print platforms. We’re also trying to come up with exciting new programs that will make our advertisers ask for more. So where do you start with a new integrated advertising program?

Here are 3 best practices to keep in mind when creating a new, integrated advertising program:  [Read more…]

Don’t Ignore Your Best Ad Sales Prospects!


Here’s a bright idea: Don’t take your good, existing advertisers for granted!

Important Question: Who are your very best prospects for all your integrated ad sales and sponsorship opportunities?

Hint: You already know them.

It’s your existing advertisers! I know it’s crazy, but often the most ignored prospects are your good, A+ advertisers. We’re always so excited to get someone new in the line up that we overlook the long-time advertisers. These prospects happen to be your best bet.

Why? It’s 5 times easier to sell something to an existing client than it is a new prospect. Successful niche publishers today are offering a wide variety of different products and services. There’s no reason not to upgrade your existing, loyal advertisers to these new offerings.

How can you re-focus on your existing clients, and what are the roadblocks in getting there? [Read more…]

Give Smaller Advertisers What They Need and Make a Customer for Life!


Get creative with these 2 ideas:
It will brighten your ad sales results!

Large, sophisticated advertisers and agencies know the value of long-term strategies using several media platforms for their advertising message, but let’s face it: most of us are dealing with small to medium-sized companies who look at their advertising budget month to month.

To sell integrated ad packages to these clients, we have to educate our customers and help them implement effective, integrated marketing campaigns with a consistent message across a wide range of media options.

This means transforming our ad sales approach from reps selling advertising to marketing consultants offering research, creative solutions, and a customized One-Stop-Shop for clients’ multimedia advertising.

Here are two ideas submitted by fellow publishers and ad sales professionals to help supercharge your advertisers’ multi-media campaigns: [Read more…]

15 Digital Revenue Ideas for Niche Magazine Publishers

To get you primed for the Niche Digital Conference, here’s a list of 15 digital revenue ideas for target-interest magazine publishers:NDC_NoDates

1. Create new content for your website, not just regurgitated material from your print magazine. This gives people a reason to constantly return to your website, thus creating more traffic for online advertisements.

2. Use the full capabilities of your digital editions: add outtakes or additional content, press advertisers for videos or other digital content, and make your digital edition different from your print to capture more of BOTH audiences.

3. Make a content calendar for your website (editorial calendar on steroids) that contains everything from blogs to video. Strategically plan your online content while taking into account what has been successful in the past. [Read more…]

Social Media Revenue for Niche Magazines? It Does Exist!

Social Media is not a buzz word any more. It’s a integral part of doing business for everyone now. At least is should be if you don’t want to get left behind. Left behind with the people who still bust out a paper map to search for the nearest pay phone. Billions of Facebook fans  “like” and Tweet is now very much a verb, but most niche magazines still struggle with one simple fact:  How do we make any money with social media?

Implementing even one new idea can have a HUGE return! Have fun with 50!

Sponsored product tabs, posts/tweets, and contests can increase your magazine’s revenue AND keep your page fresh for your fans!

Here are my 10 tips to get you started:

1. Most niche magazines have more Facebook fans than People, GQ and Rolling Stone magazine! This is a selling point with advertisers!

2. Create new tabs to highlight sponsored product debuts. If you do not know how, Google it or hire a consultant. [Read more…]

How to BLOW AWAY Your Niche Magazine’s Competition (and Blow Up Your Ad Revenue!)

We all have competing magazine titles and websites to contend with.  If you don’t have any competitors in your market that means you’re not in a very strong market. Competition is a very good thing.  It makes you provide the very best print and online product for your readers and advertisers.


Ad Sales: Blow away your competition with Carl’s 5 tips.

Hey, if you didn’t have competition, where would you get the good leads?  The key: As an ad sales person,  how do YOU handle your competition?

Here are 5 ways to blow away your competition and sell more print and online ads:

1. Take an objective look at how you stack up to the competition—differentiation of audience, circulation, editorial, production quality, number of ad pages and views, and branding. How do you really compare to these competitors? What are you your strengths and weakness against each competitor?

2. Never bash the competitor in a sales presentation.  It just makes you look unprofessional and you will not look like a credible source anyway. [Read more…]