Why Email is Madonna and Facebook is Lady Gaga in e-Marketing

We know this to be true:  Everyone’s inbox is exploding! Daily messages come from email, Facebook, Google+, texts, Youtube, Pinterest, Linkedin and more, more, more.


Maybe they are not as different as they seem.

Facebook gets a ton of attention, but when you go beyond the hype and the hoodie you find that, for publishers, it is remarkably similar to an old communication standby……..the email.

Digital marketing adviser and author Jay Baer was our keynote speaker recently at the Niche Digital Conference in Nashville.  He shared with us a few of his insights so we can gain some clarity on how to use, and combine, these two marketing platforms. [Read more…]

The Niche Digital Conference Speaker Interview Collection!


Niche Digital Conference in Nashville happening right now. I’m just gonna say it: Wish I was there!

For the last 3 months we have been interviewing our smart and savvy Niche Digital Conference speakers so those of you who are not attending can still get the best and latest info from industry thought leaders about what’s happening in the niche media world–with a focus on the digital realm- that we are all grappling with and experimenting with and learning about. Whew.

The conference began Monday, September 30th, in Nashville. We completely sold out the conference (yay!) – we make sure we cap the conference at 250 in order to serve our mantra of quality not quantity

Here are links to some our conference speaker interviews, even the keynote interviews with cool creative leaders like Jay Baer and Aaron Kahlow. And everyone LOVES Andrew Davis and Carla Johnson, so there’s that. Sure it’s not the same as learning in person…not at all. You unfortunately were not able to take advantage of the opportunity of fun networking (our specialty) with niche publishing professionals like yourself. [Read more…]

Be Inherently Useful to Your Readers! (Interview with Jay Baer)

http://youtu.be/uMp-CKPsDTQTechnology has changed marketing and business in a fundamental way. As companies become content creators themselves and social media becomes an ever more powerful medium, publishers face more and more competition for readers’ attention. How can niche magazines make their stories (and their revenues) bigger and become an indispensable part of their readers’ lives?

Social Media & Content Marketing Strategist & Niche Digital Conference keynote speaker Jay Baer thinks he knows the wave of the future for niche publishers – becoming truly and inherently useful to your audience. This means helping your audience, even if it isn’t a topic strictly along your traditional path. Publishers need to re-imaging their role to find new ways to be involved in people’s lives. Mobile apps are just one way to become massively relevant, but there are many ways to reach out to new users, strengthen ties to existing readers, and build brand awareness and revenues. [Read more…]

Niche Digital Conference – 2013 Speakers and Sessions Revealed!

Niche Digital Conference

We want to see you at the 2013 Niche Digital Conference in Nashville, October 1-2! We’ve just released all the new sessions and speakers.

If you think you just don’t have the time, can’t get away from the day-to-day responsibilities of publishing, that you can put this whole digital thing off for another year—think again. You have to make the time to get out of your office (I know it can sound impossible!) and surround yourself with your niche magazine & media company peers to take your media properties to the next level. Online, mobile, tablet, content marketing and social media & video are growing…the successful magazine of tomorrow will be the ones who create successful digital strategies today. (Plus, if you register TODAY – March 28 – you can save up to $600 with Mega March discount pricing. Don’t miss this amazing deal!)

Here’s a 2013 Sneak Peek to show you what’s in store at the Niche Digital Conference [Read more…]