The Not-So-Secret Sauce for B2B Digital Strategies!


Jeff Bruss gives us the straight stuff on how to create B2B digital strategies that really work!

Digital channels present ample opportunity for B2B publishers (regardless of their niche) to form much stronger connections with their audiences. Those connections are the not-so-secret sauce for building new ad programs and growing your business.

So what are the key revenue-driving components of a successful B2B digital strategy? Is it only lead generation, data collection, user tracking/analytics and surveys, or are there more revenue-generating strategies out there you can tap into?

Digital luminary Jeff Bruss, President of the very successful COLE Publishing, knows a thing or two about how to create innovative and effective B2B digital strategies. We asked him to share his wisdom from the digital B2B world:

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Jeff Bruss and the Digital Rate Card Discounts of Doom!

Jeff Bruss makes the case for sticking to your digital rate card for long-term sales success.

Several years ago I wrote a brief piece for the Niched Out News titled “My Rate Card Can Beat up Your Rate Card” that boldly predicted those who stuck with their rates through the doom and gloom of the 2009 print advertising recession could still remain victorious without offering discounts. So, would I change my rate card opinion now?

Absolutely not.

We learned that not only do we have to stick to a published rate, we need to recognize the value in all of our offerings. As we progress into a truly digital age, our “rate cards” are more important than ever before. Our advertisements are not commodities like oil or gold where price can be dictated by supply and demand or a tumultuous Middle East. I view price slashing as a last-ditch effort to right a sinking ship. I know of very few – if any – examples of lowering prices being an effective method to keep a business successfully operating. The prices we set must always cover our expenses – labor, printing, mailing, circulation, etc. and provide a reasonable profit – or in the end we’ll go belly-up.

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Planning Your Niche Events: Does This Contract Make My Budget Look Fat?


Jeff Bruss of COLE Publishing shares his tips on planning and budgets for niche events.

Planning and budgeting for a niche event is THE critical first step of the whole process. Jeff Bruss, event expert and President of COLE Publishing, spoke last week on this very topic at Niche EventFest, a conference all about organizing niche events.

If you are thinking about putting on your first event or starting a new one, here are some quick tips from Jeff. [Read more…]