Print on the Decline? Niche Publishing Tells a Different Story


The question isn’t whether print is declining, but how publishers are leveraging print as part of their revenue strategy.

Is print really on the decline?

The Jan/Feb issue of Folio makes the point that most publishers are either underinvesting in print or running away from it.  The statistics on declining print were for a broad category of B2B and Consumer titles, where print is only around 45% of total revenue.

One notable exception of the print decline noted in the article is Active Interest Media (AIM), which is most like the type of niche publishers we see attending Niche Media events, where AIM describes print as “strong.” [Read more…]

Want to Master Your Financials? Here’s How to Start


Financial expert Jim Zielinski tells us how to get on the right track toward success.

Is careful examining and monitoring a magazine’s financial operation the FUN part of publishing? Probably not—at least for most of us.

Financial expert Jim Zielinski consults with niche media companies, large and small, about the best way to understand their financials.

Once you see what effective reporting of your numbers can do for your media company, you’ll see your business in a whole new light. On a product-by-product basis or overall, taking a deep dive into the numbers can tell you where to invest, where to cut, and where to allocate resources.

We asked Jim to give us some pointers on steering your media business in the right direction:

Niche Media HQ: Why do you think some niche magazine publishers find it hard to know exactly what their financials say? What are 3 steps they can take today to understand their financials better? [Read more…]