TMB’s Audience Universe is a Real PLUM!

Don’t be fooled into thinking that innovation and creativity is only in the glamour industries with the name brand publishers. TMB Publications, Inc. out of Chicago a niche provider of high value and diverse content from the plumbing industry is shaking up an industry that is as established as you can get!


TMB Publications, Inc. knows the importance of mastering audience data!

As the long time publisher of successful niche print titles including Plumbing Engineering, PHC News and The Wholesaler, Cate Brown, VP of TMB Publications, realized that even her industry and audience behaviors were changing with the times. Her vision was to re-invent TMB built upon its rich heritage and brand in the plumbing, heating and cooling industry but modernize its go to market strategy.

Like many of her niche peers, she realized that at the heart of the publishing revolution sits audience data: the rich amount of demographic, behavioral and contextual information being created by the audience everywhere they touch the TMB brands. But as a niche publisher, with limited resources and a fairly defined audience, how could TMB pull it off? [Read more…]

Top 10 Niche Event Marketing Strategies…and More!


Carl gives us his Top 10 niche event marketing strategies for success!

Today we were going to write a blog post as a follow-up to a webinar last week by our very own Carl Landau on the hot topic of niche event marketing.

But the smart folks at Knowledge Marketing, (no pun intended) beat us to the punch and summed up everything quite nicely for you, our niche publishing audience.

In addition to addressing Carl’s Top 10 Event Marketing Strategies, the author talks about what it’s like to be an attendee at one of our conferences.

  • So you need event marketing strategies that work? Check.
  • Never been to one of our conferences but curious what they are like? Check.
  • Want to improve how you are branding your events? Check.

It’s all here in one post for you: What is Your Event’s Brand?


P.S. Thanks, KM for saying it better than we could say it ourselves. [Read more…]

Are you making B.A.D. decisions?

In the hectic fast-paced world of niche publishing, we are often jumping from deadline to deadline and decision to decision without stopping to ask one basic, fundamental question. Am I using all of the information that is available to me to make the right decisions for the growth of my business?Meister Media Logo

One important value proposition message that media firms have consistently brought to their target markets is the importance of having the richest, highest-value and most desirable content available. Here at Meister Media Worldwide, we have a similar objective to provide research, content and industry insight to the markets we serve.

Our commitment to the highest level of quality to the markets we serve (specialized agricultural crops, ornamentals and crop inputs) has elevated us to a leadership position that we work hard to cultivate and maintain. Today, the development, curation and distribution of great content alone are no longer enough to sustain our status as a destination source in our vertical markets.

To succeed in publishing today, you not only need exceptional content, but you also must leverage the abundant data and insight from your audience interactions to constantly be providing greater value to your target market(s).

At Meister Media we have implemented the use of what is called the Unified Audience Database (UAD) provided by our partner, Knowledge Marketing. The database contains all of our readers’ demographic data (name, address, job titles, etc.), behavioral data (subscriptions, downloads, registrations, open and click rates, etc.) and interests (articles read, topics of interest, etc.) on a single platform.

The UAD, which we like to refer to as the Big Audience Database (B.A.D.), allows us to make informed decisions based on factors such as our readers’ areas of interest, the type of products and content that are performing best and the overall effectiveness of the marketing campaigns we create and execute.

At our fingertips, we can target very specific audience segments that have a precise profile, patterns of behavior and areas of interest to make sure we are giving readers exactly what they want. We use our data to brainstorm new products and services for both our audience and our clients. By using this information, we are approaching our advertisers with a significant amount of insight about our markets that expands far beyond the obvious data dimensions included in collecting demographic information.

Imagine the power and influence you can wield in your own niche market when you combine the unique and wonderful content only you can create with incredible insight and intelligence about reader interest, audience behavior and campaign performance.

Media firms have spent a great many years guessing what our readers want and the overall effectiveness of the campaigns we execute for our clients. We predominantly have made strategic and product decisions based on our gut instincts. Many of these decisions have turned out great while others haven’t been quite as successful.

When it involves knowledge, Meister Media Worldwide is proud of the “B.A.D. decisions” we now make. We are more integrated in our approach to serving our customers, and we are excited about the future these decisions will create for our company in the years to come.

Download this Today's Publishing Executive infographic from Knowledge Marketing, proud sponsors of this month's publisher success story.

Download this Today’s Publishing Executive infographic from Knowledge Marketing, proud sponsors of this month’s publisher success story.


By Jim Cowart, Director of Audience Development, Meister Media Worldwide. This publisher success story is sponsored by Knowledge Marketing.


Niche Media has created super niched-out events specifically for magazine publishers for over 12 years. We’ve helped pave the way for the era of boutique events that connect specific audiences and provide great educational, friendly and super-fun environments! Plus, Carl Landau – Niche Media’s Grand Poobah – just launched a blog all about creating and marketing targeted events –  Check it out!

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Audience Data is for the Birds!

Is there a more important niche in the world than that dedicated to the business of feeding the globe? Not according to WATT Global Media, a world leader in providing quality content for the professionals within the poultry and agribusiness industries.  Their titles and properties include WATTPoultry,, Poultry International and numerous other products that educate, inform and advocate for industry best practices for safety and efficiency. WATTUSAcover

But while the need for quality research, content and education has remained unchanged in the 97 years of WATT’s existence, just about every aspect of the industry and their business has changed.  So, how have they continued their excellence and value to this important niche market? WATT has an unwavering passion for their audience and a willingness to adapt their strategies to satisfy their market.

The combination of passion and adaptation is a key attribute of the company culture according to Joyce Neth, WATT’s Vice President, Director of Audience Development & Research.  Like most Publishers and their own niches, recent years have seen an explosion of complexity in terms of reader behaviors, content channels, globalization and regulatory and competitive forces within the poultry industry.  This creates a need for flexibility, ingenuity and a desire to think and act differently. [Read more…]

New Niche Webinar: Get Small, Win Big: “Niche Your Niche” for Fun and Profit!


Learn from the Pros in this free niche webinar on Thursday.

Everyone into the classroom!

We are excited to to tell you about our informative and super-fun webinar on Thursday, Nov.14th from 1:00 – 2:00 CST. 

Carl Landau, the Grand Poobah of Niche Media and Brett Keirstead, an audience data expert from Knowledge Marketing, are teaming up for a special FREE webinar entitled: Get Small, Win Big: “Niche Your Niche” for Fun and Profit! 

Meet your hosts:

Carl Landau
Grand Poobah
Niche Media
Brett Keirstead
Big Data Guru
Knowledge Marketing

Why do you need to tune in on Thursday? Because there are so many opportunities for new revenue in your existing niche right under your nose! Niche magazines and special interest publications represent a rapidly growing segment of the publishing marketplace. They are fueled by the audience’s need to cut through the clutter of ubiquitous data to find high quality information on highly targeted subjects. You need to create strategies that will drive your magazine’s growth, create new properties, and totally own your niche!

In this free 60-minute webinar you will learn our tips for “Niching your Niche” including:

·       How to Niche Your Properties Even Further: optimizing your ever-growing universe of content channels by thinking in multiples. Carl & Brett will give you strategies for niching your niche with multiple enewsletters, websites, blogs and events.

·       Subscriber Lists Are Your Lifeblood: Carl and Brett will discuss powerful ways to segment, research and update your subscriber lists. Personalization is key.

·       Tips and tricks for Ad Salespeople: Ad sales are Carl’s passion and sales reps have to be industry experts now, not salespeople. In the webinar, you’ll learn ways to do just that.

·       How Can You Expand Your Brand? Everyone talks about quality and service. Time to up your game and pinpoint exactly what makes your niche magazine one in a million vs one of millions. Carl and Brett will tell you how to embrace what you do best–and get the message out!

This crazy Niche webinar is live an there will be time at the end of the presentation for Q&A. Don’t miss it.

Sign Up Here! [Read more…]

How 10 Missions Media Uses Audience Data to Set the Table for the Future

10Missions-ComboBig Data, 360 degree views, unified databases… the investment in tools and technologies to harness the power of audience information is no longer just a privilege for the global media conglomerate.  10 Missions Media through its partner Knowledge Marketing is proving that special interest “niche” publishers can make dramatic gains in their audience engagement and operational excellence through web-based audience management technology.

Minnesota-based 10 Missions Media is a successful, growing special interest publisher with innovative products in automotive aftermarket, including the award-winning FenderBender and Ratchet+Wrench magazines.  As the business has expanded into websites, e-products, mobile applications, social and other emerging channels the complexity of managing audience data has been amplified.  Jay Dewitt, President and CEO, summed it up perfectly:

“Audience data very well may be a niche publisher’s greatest asset, and that can be both a blessing and a curse because managing it effectively can be challenging.  The reality is that if we don’t get organized on how we care for our ever-expanding universe we’re throwing money right out the window with each passing day.” [Read more…]