Marketing Strategy 101 for Magazine Publishers

Pay attention, Grasshoppers.  This is the second part of an interview with Jeff Rohrs, VP of Market Research and Education for Exact Target and a Niche Conference Speaker.  Jeff told us we should definitely be focusing on the essential building blocks of a strategic marketing plan–one that includes both social media AND email programs. And we learned that niche magazines should stop trying to be one thing to all subscribers and niche out within their niche even more.

We also asked Jeff to tell us what’s coming up next in niche magazine marketing:

Niche Media:   What marketing issues are you seeing that niche magazine publishers should pay attention to?

JR:  There’s a lot of debate about list rentals. Never give your list to anyone.  It opens the door to spamming, plus you are giving away your asset. Is the unsubscribe rate really worth it? If you do rent a list, you should control the message and the creative. Be careful to make sure it is permission-based marketing. Be sure the message is consistent with your publication or it can hurt you. [Read more…]