Media Ad Sales: TGIF!!


When is the best time to make a prospect call? Carl shares his secret to success.

When I graduated from Miami University in Ohio, there was no back up plan. (My adoring mother decided to live her own life by getting out of Cleveland and moving to Florida.) I sent out hundreds of resumes, determined to land a fine job in marketing. In the meantime, I had to eat, so I took a job for a few weeks at TGI Friday’s. So many red-and-white-striped shirts!

I shared this story with my wife recently. As Niche Media’s Content Wrangler, she’d also been bugging me all week to write an ad sales blog post. Then it hit me……..

I LOVE Fridays! I’ll tell you why. [Read more…]

Sales Meeting with a Decision-Maker? Be Prepared!


Ad sales: Here are some tips to being perfectly prepared when meeting with a decision-maker.

We all know that in order to be a successful salesperson you need to engage your customers in many ways and as often as possible.  I’m talking about phone calls, emails, events, even snail mail.

But as I’m sure most of you already know, the most productive and important time with a client or prospect is when you have face time with the Majordomo:

How do you handle that coveted, nerve-wracking, face-to-face sales meeting with a major decision-maker?

Before the Meeting
1) The Basics: Do your research. Be knowledgeable about their competitors.  Be knowledgeable about your competitors.  Tag current issues with their ads and put them on the table when you get there. Clients like to see their own marketing prowess at work.  Bring every piece of sales ammunition possible (show and tell.) The tangible works. [Read more…]