How to Prepare for the First Call to an Ad Sales Prospect


Carl’s top 5 tips on preparation for that first ad sales call will help you make a great first impression with your prospects.

First impressions are important in all facets of our life. First impressions are even more crucial in the ad sales game. How you come across in that first ad sales call will have a major effect on the way a new prospect views you.

You can be viewed as a typical ad sales person that just wants to talk about their publication and sell a quick ad.


You can present yourself as an industry expert who really is interested in the prospect’s business and wants to help market their product or service. The key to this consultative sales approach is in the preparation.

Here’s Carl’s top 5 ideas on preparing for success on the first call:

1. Prepare fast! I’ve seen ad sales people spend and hour or more preparing for a call to a new prospect. But if you spend an hour per call, how many calls can you make? Not many. You need to be making A LOT of calls. So give yourself 10 minutes at most to prepare for the call. I do this all in the afternoon before my calls the next morning. [Read more…]