Niche in the News: Think Big!


Big interest, big debate, big opportunities in the wonderful, wide world of Niche!

Where is this year going?? What are people in the industry talking about?? When will I have time to scan the news?

We’re here to help. Here are 3 hot niche topics in the news for June:

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5 Best Guides for Emailing Ad Sales Prospects


Grand Poobah Carl Landau shares his 5 best tips for emailing ad sales prospects.

I just returned from a conference, and now I face Monday with the big task of following up by email with the dozens of people I made connections with at the event.

Do I dread it? Heck NO! Following up with prospects is a key part of the sales process. I have written about this subject over the last few years quite a bit, because how you email your prospects makes all the difference.

Here are some of my best practices for emailing prospects for maximum results: [Read more…]

Media Ad Sales: 3 Quick Tips to Pump Up Your Presentation


We want to pump up your ad sales presentation!

Mostly the same media ad sales drill everyday, right? You contact prospects multiple times, you finally get a meeting. Then you give them your presentation.  And whether you’ve been in the ad sales biz a long time or you are a newbie, presentations can get rote and stale—or even worse—forgettable!

So here’s 3 quick tips that can pump up your presentation and boost your results: [Read more…]

Kung Fu Fighting: Master Ad Sales Advice!


Listen to Carl, the wise ad sales master–he has some important tips for you!

Will you walk with me, Grasshopper? I’m going to give you some Kung Fu Master Ad Sales advice that will change your career…

Patience, Grasshopper…We all get so caught up in our modern world of constant conversation via email, social and the web.

Go inward and ask yourself, how much are you really accomplishing?

I started this practice 10 years ago… It involves ad sales discipline. Sit in your chair (or stand, at your standing desk like me, preferably) and only make ad sales calls for one hour.

You’re probably saying, “I already am doing this!”

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Don’t Ignore Your Best Ad Sales Prospects!


Here’s a bright idea: Don’t take your good, existing advertisers for granted!

Important Question: Who are your very best prospects for all your integrated ad sales and sponsorship opportunities?

Hint: You already know them.

It’s your existing advertisers! I know it’s crazy, but often the most ignored prospects are your good, A+ advertisers. We’re always so excited to get someone new in the line up that we overlook the long-time advertisers. These prospects happen to be your best bet.

Why? It’s 5 times easier to sell something to an existing client than it is a new prospect. Successful niche publishers today are offering a wide variety of different products and services. There’s no reason not to upgrade your existing, loyal advertisers to these new offerings.

How can you re-focus on your existing clients, and what are the roadblocks in getting there? [Read more…]

5 Goals for Ad Sales Success in 2015!


Forge ahead in 2015 with these 5 goals for ad sales success!

Hey Ad Sales Pros — we’re only 10 days away from 2015. I’m sure your publisher has already put together 2015 financial goals for you.

But what do YOU want to accomplish?

Make these 5 goals part of your 2015 plan. They have never failed me!

1. Contact 20 new accounts a month. Not 18, not 25, but 20. Best way to focus.
2. Meet 5 of these accounts Face-to-Face. The only way to truly build a relationship is in person. [Read more…]

Hot Topics in Ad Sales to Perk Up Your Week


Monday draggin’ you down? Here’s a little cup of inspiration to get you going.

Happy Monday! Ready to hit it hard? Or are you still going through your emails from last week, looking at the time and wondering what the heck you’re going to say in the weekly sales meeting?

Periodically we like to share collections of our most-read ad sales posts by niche publishing professionals– just like you.

Think of this as a quick-stop refresher if you will:

First, if you encounter some grumpy prospects who seem skeptical about advertising in your magazine, check out:  More Good News For Niche Magazines [Read more…]

Turn “Absolutely Not!” into “Tell Me More!”


NDC Speaker Nancy O’Brien tells us why overcoming tough objections is possible.

Ad salespeople—do some days feel like you are smacking up against a brick wall of “No?”  Do you encounter prospects who cross their arms and purse their lips tightly, all the while glancing at their cell phone or desktop every 30 seconds?

Everyone in the ad sales profession faces rejection. But how do you overcome the persistent, teflon-coated objections of a really good prospect—one you know you can help? We checked in with Nancy O’Brien of Aviation International News—and ad sales rock star in her own right—to see what works best.

Niche Media HQ: We have featured posts from you in the past on this blog where you talk about overcoming objections. What are some early warning signals that clients show so an ad salesperson can know they are heading for trouble? What can they do to turn it around? [Read more…]

The 10 Minute Ad Sales Call


Ad Sales Trainer Ryan Dohrn shares his “10 Minute Ad Sales Call” process.

In my world, process is everything. The fact is most sales people thrive better within a solid structure, knowing the expectations and organizational framework. Personally,  I recognized long ago that I am a “roll with the flow” kind of sales guy and that sometimes a lack of structure kills my ability to be a raging success.

So I created an ad sales call process. As I looked to improve and refine how I hosted my sales calls, I looked for a simple, repeatable pattern of success.  I found that pattern when I changed my typical sales call into small, defined segments.

I soon realized I could host a really solid sales call in 10 minutes or less.   Because most sales people lack a process when they make sales calls, this simple approach really boosts confidence and creates a systematic plan.  Plus it also stops those endless, meandering, boring sales calls that result in little more than a request for a blind proposal – that often goes nowhere.

In my ad sales training workshops, I teach “The 10 Minute Ad Sales Call.[Read more…]

Stop Wasting Away Your January! 7 Tips For 2014 Sales Success

You’ve mostly survived the holiday season and are ready to start the new year. Except you can’t seem to get moving. Or you are just going through the motions and feeling uninspired. It’s OK, it happens to all of us salespeople at some point.


Ad Sales Guru Ryan gives us 7 ways to get going!

Here are 7 great ways for media salespeople to jump start their 2014:

1.  Expand your advertisers’ reach with education.  Organize a sponsored webinar to share valuable information with your magazine’s audience. First, create a list of the five most common objections that you received as a media sales person in 2013. Then create advertiser education webinars to address those five needs. Hosting a webinar with Gotomeeting is easy and costs less than $100.

2.  Collect success stories. Meet with your key advertisers and collect several success stories about what has worked well for them. Use these success stories throughout the year to share with new prospects. Be sure to find specific success stories within the niche you serve so that they are highly relevant to your new advertisers.

3.  Look for inefficiencies in your sales process. Take a few minutes and write out in detail your complete sales process. Start with lead generation and conclude with advertiser retention. Be very detailed and look for areas where you see time-wasters and where you can improve. You may even want to share your process with your supervisor or a colleague for constructive feedback. [Read more…]