Scared Straight: 7 Spooky Sales Fears and How to Overcome Them!


Don’t let fear spook your sales confidence!

Yeah it’s that holiday where people big and small dress up in costumes and try to scare each other. Possibly score some candy too. (I like Reese’s myself.)

And even though it’s not my favorite holiday, (Gasp!) it got me thinking–as salespeople, what do we fear most? Here are 7 “sales” fears and how to overcome them: [Read more…]

Shift Your Focus! Audience-Centric Ad Sales Management


Publisher/surfer Geoff Hird rides the waves of success with an audience-centric focus!

Do you know “the heart and mind share” you have with your niche audience? What the heck is that, you say?

We interviewed Geoff Hird, Publisher of Westwick-Farrow Media, a while back about the publishing trend of shifting from an ad-focused sales strategy to one that’s audience-centric. His sales teams have seen big success since making the change from slogging along in the traditional ad sales way to soaring to new heights with a laser focus on all things audience.

So where do you start?  [Read more…]

Media Ad Sales: Change Up Your Presentation Style!


Change up your presentation style to your clients to get the results you want! Here’s how.

When we talk about customizing a presentation for a client, we immediately think about the advertiser’s business needs and how best to integrate your various programs for them. But what about the presentation style itself?

The average attention span for a human’s brain is now down to 8.25 seconds. Knowing there are different ways to learn (audio, visual, tactile) does make a powerful case for varying your presentation to keep your clients engaged—and quickly. [Read more…]

6 Ways to Bring a Dead Advertiser Back to Life!


Is it RIP for this advertiser? Ryan gives us 6 ways to bring your ad clients back to life!

How was your Halloween? All the ghosts and zombies made me think about how all too often, a qualified advertiser will just go dead, dead, dead.

They said they liked your idea and you agreed to send them a proposal. Now they are not responding at all no matter how hard you try. The deal and the business relationship seem to be stone-cold-six-feet-under-lifeless-dead.

So how do you bring them back to life? Here are 6 ways to fix this common ad sales problem: [Read more…]

The Sales Game: It’s Like Playing Chess!


Sales expert Chris Ware shows us how to up our ad sales game with probing questions.

Most sales people talk 90% of the sales call. Stop talking and start asking great questions! Like a game of chess between 2-players, each of your questions should develop to your next move. Each progressive answer from your advertiser will then help you get to the desired position of being able to offer a solution.

So what are some of your top probing questions? Here are 4 tips to getting the game right: [Read more…]

Ad Sales Strategy: Re-think Your Proposal Process


Your advertisers are super-busy all the time. Simplify your proposals for success!

Most sales people see proposals as the most critical factor of the entire sales process. They truly hang their success on the proposal they send.  This is very flawed, yet very common.  Why? Because we know that the vast majority of people scan and do not really read. That means you are pinning your success on a document that might be 25% read and 75% ignored.     

To compound the problem, most people require visuals to comprehend a complex matter. Your written proposals are probably helping you lose you a ton of business. [Read more…]

5 Ways to Get Fired Up for Fall Ad Sales Season!

The weather is starting to get a bit cooler, the stores are already flooded with Halloween candy, and now you’re sitting at your desk, gazing at the fall foilage instead of staring your computer……


The fall season signals a new budget year and selling focus. Here’s how to get started.

Are YOU ready to tackle a new budget year of sales challenges?

If you want to have superstar sales next year, think about making some changes now. It’s time to organize your ad sales world.

Here are 5 Easy Ways to Get Started:

1. Office: Clean off your desk! Toss out old media kits, rate cards, and selling tools that are now outdated.  (Keep one copy in a file for future reference.)  Update your materials and bulletin boards with new data and fun infographics that motivate you.  Bring in an item that’s new – that means something special to you, and put it somewhere you can see it daily for added inspiration. [Read more…]