Better Ad Sales Role-Play: Ryan’s Top 5 Tips!


Super sales coach Ryan Dohrn shares his top 5 tips on ad sales role-play.

Just imagine if a top athlete never practiced. Would he or she be as successful? Probably not. So it always surprises me to learn that so many ad sales reps that never, ever role-play in an effort to improve. Every salesperson needs regular role play sessions and trainings to be successful.

Here are my top 5 tips to improve your role-playing practice: [Read more…]

Media Ad Sales: Change Up Your Presentation Style!


Change up your presentation style to your clients to get the results you want! Here’s how.

When we talk about customizing a presentation for a client, we immediately think about the advertiser’s business needs and how best to integrate your various programs for them. But what about the presentation style itself?

The average attention span for a human’s brain is now down to 8.25 seconds. Knowing there are different ways to learn (audio, visual, tactile) does make a powerful case for varying your presentation to keep your clients engaged—and quickly. [Read more…]

Media Ad Sales: Are You Ready With Your A-Game?


Here’s expert Ryan Dohrn’s 7 smart tips for better ad sales role-playing!

Being the best salesperson you can be requires practice. I’m talking about the importance of ad sales role-play. There are always new ways to learn to ask the right probing questions! It is also a great way to find some new approach to overcoming to advertiser objections. The point is role-play is an opportunity to hone your sales game.

Ready to play? Here are my 7 smart tips to get the most out of your role-playing practice:

1. Create real-world scenarios. Borrow from ad sales meeting discussions and use those to role-play and solve issues at the same time. [Read more…]

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Ad Sales Role-Play


Wanna be the best? Perfect your role-play with Ryan’s 10 tips.

I am always amazed at the number of ad sales reps that never, ever practice their trade in an effort to improve. Just imagine if Tiger Woods never practiced. Would he be as successful? Probably not. Why did Michael Jordan shoot hundreds of free throws each week? Why do the best actors in Hollywood have acting coaches?

Because being the best requires practice, mentoring and coaching. To get the best ad sales team in your niche, you need to implement regular role play sessions and trainings for your team. This means setting aside time and taking it seriously!

Here are my top 10 ways to improve your role-playing practice:

1.  Half-hearted role-playing stinks. Especially when when others treat it a joke.  It should never be treated as such.  Start role-playing one-on-one in a private office and then move to group role play. You can do it!

2.  Create real world scenarios. When you practice create scenarios you encounter out there, not fictional advertising clients who act like idiots. Advertising clients are smart and savvy and you should practice to that. [Read more…]