Niche Talk: New and Innovative Models in Publishing!


Wondering which direction to take your magazine in 2015? Here are some new ideas in publishing to inspire you!

Our Niche Talk video series features niche media professionals from all over the world, sharing their new, fresh ideas with other publishers. Last week we featured How to Boost Advertiser Value in 2015

This week we are featuring fresh distribution and marketing ideas from a niche magazine publisher and an executive from Publishers Press. Traditional methods are being built upon (or flipped) to create entirely new models in this latest video chat.

Some notes:

From Caroline Nuttall, Publisher of Charlie magazine (a city magazine for Charleston, SC):

They have created a new “underwriting” model where their advertisers have become underwriters on a larger scale. How? By matching the right advertisers to underwrite a host of campaigns, including creating a partnership to co-brand their online event calendar, wedding industry vendors underwriting a love story/event/branded products line, etc. [Read more…]