The Power of Niche: Never Say Never!

The power of niche is everywhere! We found nichey stories for you in Grand Rapids, MI, in the UK and around the globe. Here’s what publishing professionals are buzzing about now:   ID-100264961

Don’t Stop Thinkin’ About Tomorrow
This post by Media Life magazine says the rise and growth of Hispanic magazines is over. Sure, and print is dead and also the earth is flat. The only thing ending these days is nude photos in Playboy. Both print and/or digital publishers face new challenges all the time, we adapt! Tougher Times for Hispanic Magazines

Can’t Stop Us Now
America’s top honor for journalism announces that online and print magazines are now eligible to enter categories for international reporting, criticism and editorial cartooning. From News 10: Pulitzer Prize Opens 3 More Categories to Magazine Entries

So Happy Together
“The page and the digital screen nourish each other. That’s at the heart of a fresh way of describing the relationships that consumers develop with their favorite magazine media brands today.” Results from a 2015 magazine consumption study revealed at FIPP conference produces the Six rules of attraction for magazine media growth

Never Give Up
Successful B2C: 20th anniversary for women’s lifestyle magazine going strong since 1998. From Michipreneur: Womens Lifestyle Magazine finds success in publishing market

Be My Baby
The Week magazine (UK) niches their niche to launch Week Jr.—for kids just 8 to 14 years. The Week creates a magazine for children 

And the moral of this post? Don’t Stop Believin’ ….in NICHE!


Diana Landau, Niche Content Wrangler

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Niche Magazine Publishing: Hot 2015 Industry News


Niche-o-nomics: More readers, more platforms, more niche!

A piece of news in the niche magazine world can have a profound effect on how niche publishers can rock their niches. Here’s one hot tidbit that can radically change how you market to–and measure–your readership.

The Association of Magazine Media (MPA) has reported a 10.1% increase year-over-year in magazine readership from August 2014-January 2015. What contributed to the increase? Part of the reason is the association has established a new metric that considers the whole reading audience on a magazine’s multiple platforms.

Niche publishers can learn from this–look at how you are measuring your performance and successes both internally and externally. This more encompassing approach reflects the changes we are seeing today in both print and digital products.

Magazine Industry boasts 10.1% increase in readership

More and more media companies are transforming themselves to use an “audience-centric” business model. What does this mean for niche publishers who already know how to engage their niche and have that built-in, passionate audience? [Read more…]