Go Ultra Local with Texas Highways

Each month we select a fantastic niche magazine to highlight as our Niched Out Magazine of the Month. This month’s pick: Texas Highways. This regional magazine takes going local to a whole new level! Publisher Joan Henderson told us about what makes Texas Highways special: [Read more…]

Niched Out Magazine of the Month: Good Grit is the Spirit of the South

Each month we highlight a standout niche magazine. This month’s pick: Good Grit. This regional magazine not only captures the spirit of the South, it has embraced staff-driven innovation in a unique way.GGM_COVER

Alex Merrill, Good Grit‘s managing editor, had this to say about about this fantastic niche magazine:

At Good Grit, we are determined to show the world the true South- the innovative, creative, strong, always evolving, and rich culture that is rooted deep within the Southern soul and is reflected in every amazing stride that the South is taking into our future.

[Read more…]

A Minor Ambition – “Minor Times” is Niched Out Magazine of the Month

 "Minor Times" is your source for anything you could ever want to know about the Morris Minor!

“Minor Times” is your source for anything you could ever want to know about the Morris Minor!

Could it have been my unsuccessful attempts to buy a dilapidated Morris Minor Traveller at the tender age of 13, much to my parent’s horror? Or was it when John Noakes (Blue Peter fame), in his series, ‘Go with Noakes’, placed an advert in a shop window selling his beloved Morris Minor Convertible? I didn’t stop crying for a week and never quite forgave him! All I know is that I’ve been into Morris Minors for as long as I can remember.

A few years later, I was buying a variety of classic car magazines and soon realized a ‘niche’ might exist for an E-magazine dedicated solely to the Morris Minor. Tony Aston, an extremely talented website designer came on board and created a superb website. [Read more…]

Niched Out Magazine of the Month: Divorce Magazine!

Each month we highlight a great niche magazine as our Niche Magazine of the Month. These magazines know their niches and do an incredible job meeting their needs. This month’s pick: Divorce.DivorceMag

This isn’t just a magazine about the legal nuts and bolts of getting a divorce – it covers everything from helping your kids and handling your relationship with your ex to mental health and figuring out your taxes. Divorce covers both U.S. and Canadian markets with issues for every state and province, plus it offers a blog, e-newsletters, telesiminars/podcasts, forums, a professional/resource directory, and even has a dash of celebrity divorce gossip. That’s a lot of ground for one publisher to cover!

Long-time publisher and Divorce Marketing Group’s CEO Dan Couvrette told us in his own words how he came to publish a magazine in this unique niche and build it into a media empire:

‘”You want a WHAT?’ Those were the words I said to my then wife when she told me she wanted a divorce on Sunday, June 19th 1994. This also happened to be Fathers Day—needless to say the day got off to a bad start.”

“So given that I was a publishing guy – I’d published Ottawa Magazine, Ottawa Business Life Magazine, and Wedding Bells Magazine, (I’m sure the irony won’t escape any of you) – I thought ‘Hey, I should start a newsletter or magazine to help divorcing people.'” [Read more…]

Magazine of the Month: CHARLIE – Moving from Digital-Only to Digital and Specialty Print In Style

Each month Niche Media recognizes a niche magazine that really stands out. This month’s pick: CHARLIE – a regional magazine and website for Charleston, SC. Cover_lowRes

How do you recognize a really great regional magazine? When members of Team Niche have been in Charleston, locals mentioned and referenced it all the time. All. The. Time. It was obvious that its target audience reads it cover-to-cover – either in print or online – and finds it valuable enough to share. We’re in California and we fought over a promotional copy when it came though the office. What makes it more amazing is that it started as a digital-only publication and later added print.

Caroline Nuttall, CHARLIE’s Publisher, tells us in her own words what makes CHARLIE special and how it made the jump from pixels to print:

“I started CHARLIE as an online-only magazine four years ago in the height of the recession. The focus was on building a strong brand through fiercely unique content and high engagement with a quality, hyper-local audience. Since then, we’ve launched several extension platforms including emails, a social calendar, a CLUB, a social buying model, and events. Our biggest extension platform came last year when we launched two special issue print editions.”

“I wanted to evolve the print model. I have tons of unread magazines stacked up around my house and I’m in the magazine business, for heaven’s sake! How do you create intense demand and consumption around a traditional model in an overly-crowded market? The answer: high-end, long shelf-life, collectible special issues. No re-purposed content between web and print. Limited runs to drive urgency.”

“The result? CHARLIE’s first-ever magazine, 50 Most Progressive, was profitable. Three hundred issues flew off shelves in 24 hour periods, 10,000 were gone in 2 weeks, hundreds of locals ordered them online for $10 a copy (they were free locally) just to ensure they got theirs. Our second magazine, The 2012 Book, was up 56% in advertising and saw a 208% profit increase. Wider brand recognition of CHARLIE, 700% increase in web traffic, happy readers and happy advertisers. We are launching four books this year.”

“It’s not digital that’s the future. It’s an evolved model of the new and the old.”


Niche Media has created super niched-out events specifically for magazine publishers for over 12 years. We’ve helped pave the way for the era of boutique events that connect specific audiences and provide great educational, friendly and super-fun environments! Plus, Carl Landau – Niche Media’s Grand Poobah – just launched a blog all about creating and marketing targeted events – blog.NicheEventNation.com  Check it out!

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Niche Magazine of the Month: Fastline

We love niche magazines! Each month we highlight a great niche title or publisher. 

In 1978 Bill Howard (CEO/Founder) produced his first truck publication from his kitchen table. Quickly, the company that would become Fastline grew to five trucking industry publications. The company searched for other industries to serve with a trade publication, and in 1986 purchased two agricultural publications.

Today, Fastline prints and mails 23 publications to 1 million farmers and ranchers in the US and Mexico. Fastline.com is the largest ag equipment database in the world. Over 1 million monthly visitors search Fastline.com for tractors, trucks, trailers, parts and services for their farm operation.

One of Fastline’s readers said he is a “kid in a candy shop” when Fastline arrives every four weeks.

Fastline prides itself on helping both the equipment seller and the equipment buyers (farmers) become more successful by bringing these two hard-working groups together.

This past year Fastline launched two new products: Jillsjunction.com and AgRacer. Jillsjunction.com is a website for women in the agriculture industry. AgRacer allows gamers to race farm equipment. It is a free downloadable app for iPhone and Androids.

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Niche Magazine of the Month: Fastline

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Niched Out Magazine of the Month: Hardwood Floors

Each month we salute a great niche magazine. This month’s Niched Out Magazine of the Month is Hardwood Floors.

“When you say you work for a magazine, people are really interested,” says Hardwood Floors Editor Kim Wahlgren. “When you tell them it’s for the wood flooring industry, sometimes they look a little sorry for you.” No need, though, Wahlgren says—the industry is a close-knit group full of interesting personalities and homespun characters bound together by a passion for their craft. The magazine is the official magazine of the National Wood Flooring Association and is sent seven times a year to a qualified circulation of about 24,000 industry professionals, most of them testosterone-laden wood flooring contractors.

Editors connect with their audience in person at the National Wood Flooring Association’s annual Expo, for which the magazine sells booths, and at NWFA wood flooring schools during the year, where editors practice installing, sanding and finishing alongside their readers. (“It’s kind of like living through an episode of This Old House,” Wahlgren says.)

Like all businesses related to the construction industry, the magazine has hunkered down to ride out the Great Recession, but the magazine has also taken the opportunity to expand its digital products. HF has a biweekly e-newsletter that goes out to more than 14,000, a website with an industry discussion forum and industry bloggers, and a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn.

HF digital issue archive:  http://hardwoodfloorsmag.com/issue/

Social media:







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Niched Out Magazine of the Month: Hardwood Floors

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Magazine of the Month: Scaffold & Access

Each month, we highlight a niche magazine that knocks our socks off. This month Alicia McGarry, Scaffold & Access magazine’s Editor, shares why her niche mag took her to new heights:

Editorial chops? Check. A proclivity for technical writing? Yup. A ready willingness to leave behind nearly 15 years of waxing on the fabulosity of all things super-luxe, despite living the life of a commoner? You bet.

When I landed the gig as editor of Scaffold & Access magazine, the publication of-record for the Scaffold and Access Industry Association, I knew what skills and will I possessed, the steep learning curve that stretched out before me and that inexplicable feeling one experiences having arrived home, professionally speaking. Even still, I could never fathom what lied ahead.

Immediately, I found myself head over heels with this association, its members and everything it’s doing to truly elevate safety standards, be that through our ever-burgeoning Accredited Training Institute (ATI) program or our alliance with OSHA. (We don’t align with their standards—they turn to us for such.)

Each month, we strive to disseminate accurate, compelling and cutting-edge content related to all things scaffolding and access—all while managing to make the whole shebang look damn sexy, to boot. Aesthetically pleasing or not, our foremost duty remains, ultimately, to save lives—and, at the end of a long work day, that’s kind of a hard feeling to beat.


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Magazine of the Month: Scaffold & Access

Magazine of the Month: Multi-Unit Franchisee

Each month we highlight an awesome niche magazine. This month’s pick: Multi-Unit Franchisee

Multi-Unit Franchisee is the only magazine dedicated exclusively to serving the hottest, fastest-growing niche in franchising: multi-unit and multi-brand franchisees. Its parent company, Franchise Update Media Group, produces two print magazines, three online newsletters, three annual conferences, and hosts a top-ranked franchise recruitment site (franchising.com) – all focused on giving franchisors and franchisees the information they need to succeed.

Founded in 2004, Multi-Unit Franchisee articles cover all the bases for their audience: franchisee and executive profiles highlighting best practices and personal stories, as well as staff- and guest-written pieces on management, finance, technology, customer relations, HR, real estate, sales, marketing, case studies, and industry trends and statistics.

Founded in 1988, Franchise Update Media Group has provided the franchising community with timely, relevant news, features, and analysis for nearly 25 years – helping franchisors and franchisees make informed decisions to strengthen their systems, grow their brands, and achieve their business goals. The company also publishes an annual research report on franchise sales that includes benchmarking data collected from more than 100 franchisors representing more than 100,000 units. Pretty good for a family-owned company with about 20 people!